American Horror Story: SDCC News Jessica Lange Tease

Kathy Bates at SDCC AHS Panel
San Diego Comic Con, aka SDCC annually mades headlines when the creators, cast and other various members of the entertainment industry give out early information about iconic games, TV shows and movies. American Horror Story gave fans a bit of news about the next season and Ryan Murphy decided to tease fans of the series about past star Jessica Lange. While Lady Gaga fans are overly excited about the face that their Mommy Monster will be in the show, acting only – sorry kids – the news that award winning actress Lange will not be in this newest ensemble was more than disappointing to say the least.

Granted fans of the show have known for sometime now that Lange would not be in Hotel, but the tease that she could return in a later season was a bittersweet treat for fans. It does feel a little like a bad joke, replacing Lange with Gaga? Really?

In a joint panel, stars from both AHS and the new horror comedy series Scream Queens, starring American Horror Story alumnus Emma Roberts and horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis, revealed certain noteworthy items from both shows. Curtis teased fans of her Laurie Strode character from Halloween that there would be a “wordless” nod to the role that helped to make her one of the original scream queens. Roberts is reportedly going to show up at the end of the latest version of Murphy’s brilliantly macabre creation, at least that is what the show’s creator told the panel audience at the SDCC.

The 24 year-old actress will apparently reunite with her one-time real life boyfriend and costar Evan Peters. It is interesting to note that the Scream 4 star had been arrested in 2012 for allegedly beating Peters up, he refused to press charges and the relationship limped along till June 2015 when they called the whole thing off.

Roberts will not be the only other AHS alumni member to reappear in the hotel setting of season five of the series. Ryan Murphy, the same man who brought the world Glee and “gleeks,” stated that other characters would be appearing in this newest season. Murphy has always insisted that the each season’s characters are interconnected, he proved that in season four by showing how Pepper, who was first spotted in Season three; Asylum, was placed into Briarcliff.

While this is welcome news to fans of the long running series, it is still a major disappointment that the one constant in all of the previous four seasons, Jessica Lange, will be missing. The two time Oscar winner stated after Freakshow had finished that she would not be in the next one. Her reason was that she needed a rest from the verse. Considering the different types of characters she played along with the intensity of her performances, it is no wonder that the 66 year-old performer took a break.

This absence may just be the missing ingredient from Murphy’s crowd pleasing cult favorite that spells disaster for its long running success. Lange was not necessarily the glue that bound each episode of every season together, but she was the steely spine of each and every story. The thread that held together through each twist and turn and bloody gruesome event.

Lange’s Elsa Mars, Sister Jude Martin, Fiona Good and Constance Langdon were all disparate creatures, and as much as Elsa was heart rending yet despicable, her Sister Jude will be the epitome of character arcs for the entire season; a journey that started with the viewer hating her overbearing nun and then crying real tears for her and that fall from grace.

SDCC saw fans of American Horror Story getting the latest news about the latest verse in Ryan Murphy’s creation and his teasing that perhaps other performers who will not show up might do so in another season, “aka Jessica Lange,” is a little exciting, if not bittersweet. Sadly Lange will not be back this time around and maybe that is the way it should be.

After all, how can she top Elsa Mars’ rendition of Bowie’s “Life on Mars.” Not to mention her sad success at the end of the season. Have a look at the video below of Elsa belting out this show stopper and think of the Comic Con and just what the latest season of AHS will be like without Lange.

Do not be afraid to shed a little tear…

American Horror Story: Freak Show Just Got Really Freaky (Review)

American Horror Story: Freak Show Just Got Really Freaky (Review)

American Horror Story: Freak Show just got really freaky, with its latest episode, titled very appropriately Tupperware Party Massacre, and heads off into the stratosphere exceeding all prior bounds of oddities in the season thus far. Dandy Mott making his own “mother puppet” which is in reality his own Dot and Bette puppet, after killing the Avon lady started the show off properly, setting the murderous tone for the rest of the show. *And on a sidenote, how many viewers can remember when the Avon ladies used to come to the front door and those adverts on the telly, “Avon Calling.” Ah the nostalgia…*

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ditches Clever for Bodycount (Review)

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ditches Clever for Bodycount (Review)

American Horror Story Freak Show in its latest two episodes ditches the clever Ryan Murphy touches which have made the show such a delight and instead focussed on bodycount, taking the series to an even darker place. The descent into increased homicidal tendencies and macabre episodes of violence seem to indicate that Dandy Mott’s inbred madness is contagious. The first episodes of season four had many sly touches of humor interjected with the overall oddness so prevalent in this carnival side show world of human anomalies. One such clever touch was the blending of musical numbers that were out-of-time i.e. anachronistic with the 1950s setting of the series.

American Horror Story Freak Show: Bullseye Elsa Marks the Spot

American Horror Story Freak Show: Bullseye Elsa Marks the Spot

In American Horror Story Freak Show: Bullseye, Elsa marks the spot when she brings out the spinning wheel which was part of her act some time ago. Bearded lady Ethel Darling asks Elsa why she has brought “that old thing” out and Mars says they need something to liven up the show since the twins “left.” In reality, the leader of the troupe obviously remembers all too well the last time she sang in front of a paying crowd and the end result. Now that she has driven Bette and Dot away and “sold” them to Dandy Mott and his mother, Elsa is looking for something to keep her in the spot of main attraction.

Constantine on Television: Was That a Cigarette?

Constantine on Television: Was That a Cigarette?

At long last, Constantine has been, sort of, returned to his British roots with the show’s appearance on American television but thus far, this chain smoking Liverpudlian has played with his lighter more than he has puffed on any tobacco laden products although towards the end of episode two, that was a cigarette he popped into his mouth before being disturbed by Zed. It was, in fact, one from an entire packet of cigarettes that Constantine had in his possession, presumably, over the first two episodes of the series on NBC.

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