Rango (2011): There’s a New Sheriff in Town.

My take on the new animated Western – Rango…Brilliant! Sorry about the weird colour thing going on here…poxy computer!
This review is over 2 years old, and on another computer. Enjoy!

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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11 thoughts on “Rango (2011): There’s a New Sheriff in Town.”

  1. Loved this film πŸ˜€ Some of the characters were so adorable!…I don’t think I’ve ever watched a proper western! The closest I’ve got to a Western is City Slickers haha
    Definitely agree it’s not really a parody, a pastiche maybe but it wasn’t really taking the piss like you’d expect of a parody!


    1. Exactly! More of a loving homage to the genre with a very humorous slant to it. I LOVED City Slickers just for Jack Palance’s character! I haven’t seen that film in ages!!


      1. Definitely, it is very funny but not poking fun…if that makes any sense :S but then I know nothing about westerns xD
        Lol ahh City Slickers, it’s a childhood favourite of mine and God knows why any kid would watch that but I did religiously! Still got the DVD! USed to watch Calamity Jane religiously also…strange child I was.


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