True Grit Sacrilege

This was the first ever video I posted on my channel that dealt with film. I was practically incandescent with rage when I’d heard that the Coen Bros were remaking True Grit. I DID see the remake and I reviewed it later. Enjoy or not, it’s a little rough. LOL

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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15 thoughts on “True Grit Sacrilege”

    1. LOL I was actually amazed at how much I liked the remake. Although they did follow the “old fashioned” theme of the western and did not try to “modernise” it which, I think, went a long way towards redeeming the film. πŸ™‚


  1. I was never a big John Wayne fan outside of the Shootist and True Grit. The remake. Ah whatever. I like Jeff Bridges, but my god I couldn’t understand him 95% of the time. The young girl (can’t remember her name) was great and stole the show. Remake was overly long as well. The scene with Bridges trying to get her medical help. He’s carrying her and running. Holy in need of an editor Batman.

    Overall remake was a good watch, but nothing I’d seek out to,see again.


  2. The readonImentioned what you sounded like was b/cmany others seemed to comment on your voice. I think they expect a British accent .


    1. Not too surprising really, considering where I live and the fact that my writing style (as you mentioned) veers towards British; especially as to spelling and certain sentence phrasing. The funny thing is, my accent sort of varies depending on who I’m talking to or what films I’m watching. I think I’d just finished watching a John Wayne film before I made that video! LOL πŸ˜€


  3. You sound like an educated, blue collar (groughness) slightly western man, possibly with some hill country in your voice. No southern drawl. You write mostly British with a touch of the states.
    After taking a college film class my oldest fell for The Duke. All three boys love my music and that honestly ticked me off for a time. Then I listened to their pop music and understood.
    It’s strange when I see them reading a book I read 20 years ago. My generation was awesome … They are infringing! Teasing!
    Good video and I agree, didn’t enjoy the remake


  4. Nice little video there Mike. I, however, really enjoyed the Coen’s True Grit and I thought Bridges was great in it. I suppose like all film discussions, it ultimately comes to personal preference. I’m not a John Wayne fan and find it hard to accept him in any role. That aside, though, I enjoyed this talk you’ve done. Nice one mate!


    1. I did actually go and see the Coen bros remake and enjoyed the hell out of it! I did a video after I’d seen it and I’ll load that up in a few days (or tomorrow lol) time! Thanks mate!!


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