Legends: Iconoclast (Recap and Review)

Legends: Iconoclast (Recap and Review)

Legends: Iconoclast carries on where last week’s episode ended, with the death of Prince Abboud who is dispatched via a drone with explosives attached and when it detonates kills the prince and his bodyguards as well as taking out most of his car. Hani Jibril narrowly misses being killed by the remote controlled flying bomb only being saved by “Sebastian Egan,” by the skin of her teeth.

Legends: Sean Bean Not Dead Yet

Legends: Sean Bean Not Dead Yet

Legends this week shows that Sean Bean is not dead yet, but it seems to be a distinct possibility that if his character finds out what is really going on, he may join the growing ranks of those with missing memories who were snuffed out like troublesome candles. Martin Odum is on “thin ice” with the higher ups in the FBI DCO and after leaving a meeting where they accused the agent of lying, he may have already fallen through and be in the freezing water.

Legends: Gauntlet (Recap and Review)

Legends: Gauntlet (Recap and Review)

In Legends:Gauntlet, against all odds, Sean Bean is still alive and struggling to learn who his character really is. While the DCO FBI undercover agent may still have no idea what his real name is, he is at least learning that the coma story repeated to him by his wife and boss is not true. In last week’s episode Martin Odum had second of two leads murdered before he could find out too much and when he captured the last man who could tell him, Kyle Dobson, their car was crashed into before they could get away.

Legends: Rogue (Recap and Review) *Contains Spoilers*

Legends: Rogue (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

In this week’s episode of Legends, titled Rogue FBI DCO asset Martin Odum comes out from his latest legend and while being scrutinized by the DCO psychiatrist he becomes defensive and then angry at her questions. Finally he storms out of the session and McGuire, who is in charge while Gates is gone, asks the therapist about what went on. The doctor reveals that his problems have nothing to do with his latest mission, but something else.

Legends: Betrayal (Recap and Review) *Contains Spoilers*

Legends: Betrayal (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

After being forced to kill a captive with the weapon’s grade VX nerve agent on Legends: Betrayal; Odum, as Dante, then has to negotiate with the colonel on the price for the claimed five litres of concentrated chemical. At the FBI office, Hubbard confirms that he did make five litres of the deadly agent. Once Dante agrees to a price for the nerve agent, he tells Medved to give him a flash drive with the terrorist’s bank details on it and that they will have no electronic communication until the exchange the next day.

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