Legends Two Hour Season One Finale (Recap and Review)

Legends Two Hour Season One Finale (Recap and Review)

Legends with its two hour season one finale sees Martin Odum being held and beaten by the Saudi security team of Prince Fayeen. As they rough Odum up, they threaten his family, Martin responds by telling his interrogator that he is going to kill the man. In last week’s episode the prince’s men broke into his old home and took Sonya and his son. When they call Martin, his wife attacks the men and gets the worst of it. Odum tells his captors that he will give them what they want. They unwisely untie the agent who then summarily overpowers them all.

Legends: Betrayal (Recap and Review) *Contains Spoilers*

Legends: Betrayal (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

After being forced to kill a captive with the weapon’s grade VX nerve agent on Legends: Betrayal; Odum, as Dante, then has to negotiate with the colonel on the price for the claimed five litres of concentrated chemical. At the FBI office, Hubbard confirms that he did make five litres of the deadly agent. Once Dante agrees to a price for the nerve agent, he tells Medved to give him a flash drive with the terrorist’s bank details on it and that they will have no electronic communication until the exchange the next day.

Legends TNT Action Thriller Continues (Recap and Review) *Contains Spoilers*

Legends TNT Action Thriller Continues (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

In the TNT action thriller Legends Sean Bean’s character, Martin Odum, and his identity crisis continues at the same time that missions continue and Officer Tony Rice keeps hounding the FBI because he believes that Odum is a murderer. This intense plot sees the tension increase for Odum each week as the strain of being other people begins to take its toll.

Legends: Sean Bean Will Live (Recap and Review)

Legends: Sean Bean Will Live (Recap and Review)

The TNT drama Legends premiered Wednesday, and the good news is that the star of the show, Sean Bean will live. At least according to the network he will survive the series. In this latest offering from the TNT, Bean plays FBI agent Martin Odum who is an undercover specialist. The premiere features Odum infiltrating a U.S. terrorist group – the Citizens Army of Virginia – as Lincoln Dittmann, a man who feels he has nothing to lose who wants to strike against the government.