Shut Eye: Wheel of Fortune – Clearing Out the Dunoi (Review)

KaDee Strickland, Jeffrey Donovan in Hulu's Shut Eye

The death of Gina, and her subsequent burial in the Haverford’s back garden, starts things off in this episode of Shut Eye. “Wheel of Fortune” brings Nadine back into the mix, briefly, and for a short while Nick is the prime suspect in Emma’s death.

Charlie calls Eduardo to help depose of Gina’s body but he learns that his former friend and patron is now annoyed at the psychic. Eduard finds out that despite the spot on analysis of his son’s ear problem, Charlie is a fraud and it has cost him a fortune.

Eduardo demands that Haverford get him his money back. He also tells Charlie that the body is his problem.

While Charlie cleans and re-dresses Gina’s body, we learn that there is more to Fonzo than his homicidal tendencies.  The former boss of Charlie and Linda loves his daughters and the marriage of Drina and Little Tony is driving him to distraction.

He later tells his 14 year-old daughter that the marriage could well be short lived if While Tony were to suggest she do something disgusting. For the first time in ages Drina smiles.

Nadine discovers that Gina stole her money, with her help, when she goes back to the bank to move the $1.7 from her safety deposit box to an account. She goes to the police who are already interested in Nick because of Emma.

They all pay Charlie and Linda a visit but Nadine leaves frustrated as the couple never took any money from their mark.

Gina’s body is moved and discovered by a woman walking her dog and Linda goes down to identify the body. The police make the scopolamine connection between the dead medium and Emma.

Charlie has another vision, in it Dr. White has a baby. She is overjoyed and brings him a lot of research. The case studies she drops off at his house lost her the professor-ship and all deal with psychic’s.

Linda reacts angrily once again to the news that her husband is having visions.  He decides that they need to “take care” of their mounted numbers of adversaries. White Tony, Fonso and Rita are all putting pressure on them.

Charlie convinces the father of the groom to allow him to perform a magic trick at the reception. He then invites Eduardo to the reception implying that he will be getting his money back.

The trick that Charlie is selling will make the new couple disappear in front of the guests.

With a body count that is pretty impressive for such as short series, it looks like Charlie may be moving toward adding to the list. While it is not clear just what will happen to Little Tony and Drina, it is clear that he plans to turn the guests against one another.

Fonso is already on edge and it will not take too much to push him into another homicidal act. In this episode alone he seemed to come dangerously close to killing his mother.

The last episode, “Ace of Swords” may prove to be a bloodbath. The series is airing on Hulu and all the episodes can be viewed now.


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