‘Shut Eye’ The Tower – Reversed: Hooking Up (Recap/Review)

KaDee Strickland, Jeffrey Donovan in Shut Eye

In episode four of Shut Eye “The Tower – Reversed” Charlie’s pigeon is ripe for plucking and he swoops in to set up the kill.  Nick almost hooks up with Emma, the girl he drank the love potion for, and Linda has a visit from Gina.  Drugs play a part in a tragic turn of events and Fonzo is interested in the new car that Charlie’s “patron” drops off.

Charlie’s daughter comes up with the information he needs to set Nadine up for a huge score. One of the things he finds out is that his target has well over a million dollars in an untouched account.

Gina drops off a sample of the scopolamine she told Linda about in the previous episode. She tries to talk Linda into having sex in the bedroom while Charlie is with Nadine but the answer is no. After warning her lover about using too much Scopolamine “too much is not good,” Linda takes the packet of the drug and hides it.

Nick smashes up some vitamin C tablets and tells his mother that the crushed tablets are his adderall. This is to increase his supply to Emma who is selling it to other students.  Linda sees through the scam immediately and tells Nick they will talk later.

Eduardo, Charlie’s new patron, stops by to give him his BMW. Linda is shocked and pleased. Eduardo tells her not to be stopped by the police as the car’s title and deed might not be “kosher.”

Linda goes to lay down after Nick arrives home with Emma. She asks that they be quiet and not disturb Charlie’s session. The two agree to keep it down.

Emma tells Nick that they can hook up “if you want.” She then asks the boy if he “has something.” “Just the adderall,” says Nick. Emma then explains that she meant something for “protection.” The embarrassed teen then leaves to get condoms.

As Charlie continues his reading with Nadine, Emma investigates the house. She drinks some vodka and rummages for other things.

She finds the scopolamine.

Thinking it is coke, Emma snorts some. The effect is immediate. She walks out of Nick’s room with her earphone cord dragging her mobile phone. The teenager collapses.

Linda hears the noise and investigates. She find the girl laying on the floor with blood tinged froth bubbling out of her mouth. She starts to drag the semiconscious girl across the floor when the doorbell rings.

It is Fonzo and he wants to speak with Charlie. He notices the car in the drive and Linda says it belongs to a client. In the background, Emma is obviously thrashing about as thuds can be heard at the front door. Again Linda lies to Fonzo and says that someone is fixing the kitchen cabinets.

After Gary drops off a rose bush and Fonzo leaves, Linda uses the new BMW to remove Emma from the house. It is not overly clear, but the teenager might just be dead.

Linda does not mention the overdosed girl but she does tell Charlie that Fonzo dropped by and the BMW lie.

Charlie is still having those visions, he has one while with Nadine. The crackling sound has increased to include phantom smoke as well.  Clearly his new precognitive powers are trying to tell him something, but Charlie has not yet worked out what.

Fonzo looks to be far too interested in Charlie at the moment and it looks like Linda will be keeping the fate of Emma a secret, just like her affair with Gina.

“The Tower – Reversed” proves once again that Linda is the “tough one” in the relationship. She literally does not bat an eye when dealing with Emma.

(Speaking of batting an eye, kudos to Mel Harris for that “involuntary” eye twitch when Donovan’s character is delving into the death of her adopted son. Splendidly done and it felt so spontaneous, just like any real “tell.”)

Shut Eye is looking to be a brilliant little show.  The characters feel as though they will all converge for a huge “showdown” of some sort. The homicidal Eduardo, cruel Fonzo and the slightly gullible millionaire, Nadine must be heading for an outstanding convergence.

According to the visions that Charlie keeps having, it looks like someone is going to get burned when it happens.

Shut Eye is on Hulu and all the episodes can be watched. Head on over and see what you think of this psychic drama.


Guest starring Roan Curtis as Emma and Nicholas Carella as Gary Shapiro

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