MacGyver: Corkscrew – Nikki (Recap/Review)

Lucas Till as MacGyver

MacGyver managed to keep from making any glaring errors this week in “Corkscrew.” The storyline was all about Nikki putting a hit out on Mac and his entire team, including her replacement, Riley.

This episode lost those maddening screenshots of Mac’s ingredients when he builds something and it did make the action go that bit faster.  However, this was more about trust, lies and knowing your enemy than anything else.

For a change, Riley was allowed to “let her hair down,” literally, and losing that bird’s nest hairdo made a world of difference.  Without that “dragged backwards through a hedgerow look” the computer genius could have been  contestant on “America’s Next Top Model.”

The plot had to do with a super assassin, who goes through most of the episode without a name. Instead the killer has a case file number. Murdoc, the name he supplies at the end of the episode, is clever, resourceful and very, very good at what he does.

Of course the guy will be no match for Mac who shares all the same traits as the killer for hire.  The team go after the hitman and he escapes. He does leave behind a picture of his target.

It is MacGyver.

Mac’s boss Patricia tries to keep her agent out of harm’s way by locking him into a room without furnishings of any kind. She also makes him give up his Swiss Army knife.

Patricia then locks him in the room. However, his safe place has a magnetic lock on the door. MacGyver manages to get out in record time as his boss managed to underestimate her top agent.

(Somewhat stupidly, she does not change the password to the door making it all that much easier for Mac to unlock it.)

While Mac and his team are scrambling to catch the killer, he is moving in on MacGyver’s best friend and roommate Wilt.  His clueless pal learns from the assassin that Mac is not what he claimed to be. Needless to say, Bozer is more than a little upset to learn that his best buddy has been lying to him for years.

Murdoc escapes after a shootout with Jack, who runs out of ammo, and Mac makes a wine “bottle rocket” with little fanfare and paper towel rolls. Once again, Patricia leaves MacGyver behind while the rest of the team go after the killer.

However, this guy is really a quite clever and he gets the drop on them via remote control sniper rifles. Murdoc calls Mac and tells him to head on down to the salvage yard or his team will all die.

MacGyver shows up and in short order shuts down the transmitter to the guns, escapes the killer by throwing his knife into some sort of steam hose (Pipe?) and stalls Murdoc long enough for Riley to take control of the sniper rifles.

The killer is caught and Mac manages to placate Wilt but realizes that his best friend may never really trust him again. Nikki drops in on Mac at a diner and tells him she did not send Murdoc.

His ex also tells him that he needs to lay low as the people she works for will not give up. This all takes place while Nikki holds a gun on Mac. He threatens her family and she leaves, with all her extra agents.

MacGyver has managed to pull ahead of mediocre reviews and numbers that took a drop initially, to be given a full season greenlight from CBS. Clearly this new version of MacGyver is popular with enough people that the network is more than happy to continue with the show.

If the series can keep those infuriating explanatory screenshots away from viewers and maybe allow Till a bit more “alone time” without his ever present team, the show will get better.

MacGyver airs Fridays on CBS.


Guest starring David Dastmalchian as Murdoc.

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