Longmire: Continual Soiree – Malachi Part Two (Recap/Review)

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Longmire continues with Walt’s fixation; Jacob Nighthorse. Malachi is a no-show at the proposed meeting place.  Vic and Walt head over to Strand’s house and find he is not home.

Henry changes all the locks to the doors at the Red Pony and fires Malachi’s goon, Darius. The phone rings and he answers, “It is a beautiful day at the Red Pony and continual soiree.”

Vic learns that she has to testify at the Chance Gilbert trial in two hours time. She goes to get ready and Travis is there waiting for her. He found the pregnancy test kits and has questions.

(Their interaction is the comic highlight of the episode. Between Travis’ “Elephant in the womb” line and the flashback to the “rodeo” in his room, this was the only amusing bit  in “Continual Soiree.”)

Jacob drops by to see Cady and tells her that he has fired Malachi. He also tells her that someone from outside the Rez will be hired. Jacob suggests she hire some people from the reservation and he will pay her extra money to do it.

Nighthorse also gives her a list of potential employees who all have close relatives on the tribal council.

Longmire goes off on Henry when he learns that Nighthorse and Henry met with Malachi the night he went missing.  The fact that Strand signed  the Red Pony back to Henry makes Walt doubly suspicious.

He pretty much accuses his old friend of being complicit to Malachi’s disappearance and then tells Henry that he and Cady are siding with Jacob against him.  Clearly Walt has allowed the lawsuit, that he thinks has been circumvented by his decision to settle out of court, to affect his thought process. Either that or Longmire’s concussion has affected him adversely.

Longmire bumps into Dave Milgrom outside the courthouse where Vic is due to testify. His lawyer tells him that Tucker Baggett refused Walt’s offer. He then goes on to tell Walt that he cannot sit in on the Chance Gilbert trial.

Walt goes to see Mathias and tells the tribal law officer that he wants to film a missing person’s report on Malachi. Walt tells Mathias about Malachi’s offer to give him evidence that could incriminate Nighthorse.

Vic testifies at the trial and despite Chance acting as his own attorney she manages to stay cool. She does have flashbacks to her time in captivity and the torture she underwent at his hands.

(On a sidenote: Stormare does his usual job of chewing up great huge chunks of scenery while questioning Officer Moretti. This too is a high point in the episode).

Mathias and Walt go out to where the fake David Ridges funeral was held. Walt uses Mathias’ phone to callsMalachi’s cell phone number.  He and Mathias hear the phone ringing and Walt finds it.  Mathias finds blood on the ground and Walt finds “Hector Lives” written out with small stones.

Vic finishes her testimony and endures Gilbert’s cross examination.  Mathias confronts Henry about Malachi’s disappearance and Standing Bear explains what happened; Strand was banished but still alive.

Henry and Mathias discuss the possibility that Jacob doubled back and killed Malachi.

Walt confronts Nighthorse about the book Henry gave to the casino owner.  He asks for it and Jacob refuses because Walt is fanatical in his belief that Nighthorse is the villain in this piece. Longmire also accuses Jacob of killing Malachi Strand.

Walt also tells Jacob that he believes Nighthorse has hired Hector  to do his dirty work. Longmire then tells Jacob that he is getting close to finding the new Hector.

Vic punches Travis in the nose when he surprises her.  He offers his help whether the baby is his or not.  Walt calls Vic and asks how the trial went. Henry and Mathias follow Malachi’s lieutenant  to find out where he is.

Walt stops by to see Cady and asks about Nighthorse and Hector. Cady responds that Jacob and Henry stopped by to see how she was doing after killing JP. Longmire fails to catch the hint.

Cady tells Walt that the only time Henry asked for her help was when he wanted to foster the boy who killed himself.  Cady goes on to tells her father that he is obsessed with Nighthorse.

She suggests that her father consider retiring. As he turns to leave, Cady says,”Hey, Dad, I’m totally over shooting and killing that man, so thanks for asking.” Longmire says nothing and goes through the door.

Henry and Mathias catch Darius digging up money. Dave shows Walt the newspaper account of Chance Gilbert’s defense.  His lawyer warns Longmire that he may lose his job.

Walt orchestrates a council of war against the new Hector. He, Ferg and Vic talk attacks and drug dealing.  Walt seems to be narrowing down his list of suspects.  Mathias and Henry question Darius who then calls Dady and asks her to represent him.

Walt accuses Henry of being the new Hector. The two friends fight in the bar and as Henry slams Longmire against a wall, the end credits roll.

This episode may well sum up why so many fans of the Longmire series have thrown up their hands in disgust. No one is acting as they should. Walt attacking Henry is shocking and so too is his treatment of Cady.

Not once has he offered any support after Cady’s killing of JP.  His fixation about Jacob Nighthorse has reached a fever pitch and Walt’s attacking Henry is proof that something is not right with him at the moment.

Walt’s behavior could well be down to that head injury and the lawsuit, or it could be that, as Cady suggested, it is time for Longmire to take off that sheriff’s badge and retire.

Longmire has already been approved for another, final, season.  It may well be that this is a build up to Walt stepping down.  Fans will not be overly happy if this is the last season’s storyline but then many are dismayed that he is acting out of character.

This is the penultimate episode of this season. The finale, episode 10,  is available to watch right now on Netflix.


Guest Starring Peter Stormare as Chance Gilbert. 

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