Quantico: KMFORGET – Doyle, Harry Doyle (Recap/Review)


Quantico this week got all “OO7” with Doyle being rumbled  as MI6, not quite on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but darned close. Harry has been birddogging Alex and Ryan since they arrived at the farm and in “KMFORGET,” things came to a head when the three were implicated in a murder by Owen.

The name is Doyle, Harry Doyle: 

Doyle explains that he is there training on a sort of exchange program while one of the CIA’s agents are training in the English equivalent to The Farm.  All of this is disclosed during the “One year earlier” flashbacks.

Another thing revealed is that Harry plays for the other team, as evidenced by his between the sheets fun-time with Will Olsen. Clearly Doyle is getting close to Will in order to learn more about  Ryan and Alex. Olsen may be having fun, but he apparently only trusts Harry so far.

Back at The Farm:

Ryan and Alex zero in on Leigh. They search her room and they are both caught by Doyle as they leave. All three are drugged and left in a compromising position. They regain consciousness in the classroom semi clad and posed as “a threesome.”

The class are given another assignment and Harry volunteers to team up with Alex and Ryan.  Owen asks Leon to help him set up the journalist who ruined his career in the field. He agrees to help the instructor.

Leon, aka “Zorro” bumps into Shelby three times. While this works well for them, leading eventually to a date, Doyle realizes that Shelby must be Ryan and Alex’ handler.

The dead body:

Doyle, Alex and Ryan are set up by Owen during their “field trip.” They go to a hotel suite and find a dead man on the hotel room bed. Owen rings the trio and explains that their DNA has been scattered throughout the room.

They must clear all traces of themselves at the crime scene and get out before the police arrive. They have 13 minutes.

Alex and Ryan utilize Shelby and Raina to help frame Doyle for the murder. The aim is to frame Harry and force him out of The Farm.  They expect him to use the “get out of jail free” card which equals automatic expulsion.

After Ryan finally gets Leigh’s fingerprints Harry comes strolling in, clearly not expelled from the program and he wants answers.

(Kudos to show creator Joshua Safran as he actually surpassed himself on this episode. The double and triple crosses at the assignment were brilliant. So too was the “Mission Impossible” type montage showing how Harry was set up. Dead clever.)

One year later:

In the present, it is now more than obvious that Miranda is playing for the opposition.  She is not, however, alone. Will, who was approached Shelby for help after getting the text from Boyer, tells Shaw that he is “in.”

Alex, in another “yippee ki yay” moment takes out a small group of terrorists who are hunting for her, and almost dies at the hands of another group.  There is, however, a savior amongst the baddies who shoots the could be executioners and stages Parrish’s death.

As the rescued Alex runs up the stairwell, she literally bumps into Lydia, Owen’s daughter who is supposedly a hostage. The CIA agent is clearly not  and Parrish asks why Lydia is free.

It seems apparent that Bates is on the same team as Miranda and Olsen.  There is a lot of tricky things going on behind the scenes. Will is certain he convinced Shelby of Miranda’s innocence. But has he really?

Shelby Wyatt has always been a clever agent and it is doubtful that she completely believes that Miranda is innocent.

Final thoughts:

It has taken five episodes but finally Quantico has put its clever hat on and upped the stakes a bit.  Hopefully things will work out alright for Ryan, whom we have not seen for quite a while, and we can only hope that Miranda is not really on the enemy’s payroll.

If Harry Doyle really is with MI6 it explains so much about why he is not a member of the CIA team one year later. This episode was a move in the right direction for the series to leave out the feeling of deja vu.

Quantico airs Sundays on ABC.  Tune in and catch up to Alex’ challenge this year.


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