Blindspot: Resolves Eleven Myths – Nas as Mole? (Review)

Blindspot - Season 2

This week’s Blindspot sees the return of Rich Dotcom. In “Resolves Eleven Myths” the walking Dotcom still has more pop culture references per minute than any other character on television. He brings a new adversary with him to the FBI lockup, the Akkadian. A master assassin thought to be a myth by the law enforcement community.

The mole has been pointed out this week if you have spotted the clues. It has to be Nas. She has moved in on Kurt, twice. Nas also made a big thing out of Patterson not getting anything from the data. She does this after interrogating Jane about the aborted upload.

Spy rules, in fiction, always have the master spy either sleeping with the enemy  or throwing suspicion else wear by pointing out “inconsistencies.” Nas’s stubborn refusal to bring Roman in also throws up a red flag. Of course she does not want Jane’s brother turned as he knows who she is.

The biggest clues is that second move on Kurt. Timed at a point where his trust for her is at its lowest.  He is rightfully suspicious over the bug found in Borden’s consult office. As soon as he brings it up, Nas puckers up those lips and gets Weller ready for round two.

Blindspot is still trotting out those red herrings though.  Patterson is another suspect just because she was on the other end of that upload. Borden is also on the list as he was overly curious when Patterson was wrong on  the info.

Speaking of red herrings. Reade manages to propel himself into the category of “a person of interest” after his outburst about Coach Jones.  We know, however, that Edgar did not do it once Freddy’s knife turns up in the NYPD evidence locker.

The murder weapon could have been used by Reade to kill Jones but it is highly unlikely.  Edgar is a straight-shooter, he walks the line very well unlike his partner Zapata.

Heading back to the main plot line for a moment. It was good to see Rich turn back up.  He is the comedic character that this show needs so badly. Sure it is a drama, but a little comic relief goes a long way toward keeping the show from drowning in its own gravitas.

Blindspot could use more of Rich, his essential naughtiness combined with that innate nerdiness is brilliant. So too are his many references to books and films. Including the 1993 cult favorite WarGames  with Matthew Broderick:

“Would You Like to Play a Game.”

The computer wiz makes no less than three pop culture references in the episode. One of which includes watching Stranger Things and the death of Barb.

Jane’s dream at the start of the film served a dual purpose. It allowed us to see her inner conflicts and later turned up as a template of moves to defeat the Akkadian. Nicely done if a bit off point for this particular character.

Oddly, after spending an entire season proving just how bada** Jane is, this season sees her lose that uber competency in all things battle oriented.  Season one painted a picture of Jane as the female Chuck Norris, this season she has been relegated to the peanut gallery of Weller and the rest.

Is the message here that the more Jane remembers of her past the less capable she becomes in hand to hand combat? Or…has someone decided to ignore character continuity?

The Jane from last season would have taken the “death” injector from Akkadian and shoved it up his bum.

Back to the mole. After giving Zapata the antidote, action moves outside of the FBI building and heads to Roman. He gets a page notification and  heads off the dropbox.

He finds a message telling him that Jane is on the side of the FBI and there is a bit of “official” FBI letterhead  referencing the upload.

Blindspot continues to tickle those grey cells and entertain.  While this week was more amusing than most it clearly points a big finger at Nas as being the mole.

What do you think? Is Nas the one spilling secrets or is it someone else on the team? Post your alternative name for FBI mole below.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays on NBC.



Guest starring Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom, Josh Dean as Boston and Daniel J. Watts as Freddy.

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One thought on “Blindspot: Resolves Eleven Myths – Nas as Mole? (Review)”

  1. I think Nas as the mole would be entirely too obvious (and would make me a little disappointed in the writing of the show). Yes I agree her “come-ons” to Weller are a little suspicious, but I think she is seducing him to gain her trust and to make it more likely for him to agree with her. I honestly believe now the mole is Patterson because I feel she is the most unlikely suspect andddd the fact she just happened to crack every tattoo on the day something was happening. At first it just seemed liked cliche writing, but now I think it was a hint to her possibly being the mole in the second season. I love Rich but he actually made another pop culture reference to Aunt Viv in the Fresh Prince.


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