Quantico: KUBARK – Stress (Recap/Review)


If there was ever any doubt that Miranda was associated with the terrorist group this week’s episode of Quantico “KUBARK” proves that she is indeed working hand in glove with the bad guys.  Even if Shelby Wyatt did not get an email from Boyer telling her that Miranda is part of the organization  it is clear that she is working for the other team.

Back at The Farm, the recruits are being taught how to handle stress, and  how well they handle it. Each candidate is given a stressful situation and  monitored by a wrist device worn by all the recruits.

Dayana is threatened with disbarment, Doyle and Chen are asked to provide medical samples and Alex is inexplicably moved to the bottom of the “Murder Board.”

Velez is told that a criminal from the Mexican jail he was in has escaped. The man has issues with Velez and it is certain that he will try to kill him. Ryan is sent a key to Liam O’Connor’s post office box.

All the stressful situations are made up purely to see how each trainee will react to the stress and how well they hide it. Alex  and Ryan clone Owen Hall’s phone to monitor the stress readings and discover that the newest member to their ranks, Leigh, has planted a bug. She has been listening to everything they  have said.

Ryan confesses to Alex that she is actually his weakness, or stress point.

In the present Alex manages to get in contact with Raina. The lone agent in the midst of the terrorists manages to speak some Swahili, picked up from listening to the terrorists.  She comes up with a plan to disrupt the group’s plans.

She gives Raina a catchphrase that, she says, Miranda will understand. The phrase does not work as Shaw ignores it.  Almost all the hostages, and probably some of the terrorists, are released in exchange for Eric Boyer.

When Alex sees that the plan has not worked she fires shots above the heads of the hostages and Boyer. Her tactic does not work either as the exchange ends successfully.

The hacker is meant to work on something and he shoots himself rather than comply. It is a shocking moment. Clearly what the terrorists want  him do is pretty heinous.

Boyer does manage to send Shelby an email telling her that Miranda is with the terrorist cell. Prior to that Wyatt briefs the command center that the cell is actually made up of rogue agents, the same ones that Ryan and Alex were sent to sniff out at The Farm.

Not all the hostages have been freed. Raina and the rest are still under lock and key. By the end of the episode, Boyer is dead and Miranda has not been found out.


Alex, however, has been discovered by benefit of those gunshots and a group of terrorists are on their way to stop her.

Quantico airs Sundays on ABC.


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