Longmire: Season 5, Episode 6 Objection (Review)

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This season of Longmire has been affected  by the wrongful death lawsuit against Walt’s killing of Barlow Connelly.  Tucker Baggett continues his parade of witnesses and Dave Milgrom is still frustrated with Walt’s lack of cooperation.

In “Objection” we learn that Ferg, aka Archie, survived his encounter with Eddie Harp’s men. The experience has shaken the deputy and an angry FBI agent; Towson,  does not help. The man accuses Ferg of taking a payoff to let Harp go.

Walt lets this ride and give Ferg a couple of days off. He then tells Ferg that he would not blame his deputy if he did take money to let Harp go. Ferg then remembers a number on the side of the truck and they go look up the vehicle.

It is registered to the travel agency Manifest Destinations.

This is a busy episode. Baggett is a major thorn in the side of both Walt and his lawyer.  Cady gets involved in a  domestic violence case and later  calls her father to help deliver a restraining order.

He refuses.

Ferg goes out and finds his badge, the one Harp ripped off his uniform shirt, and lifts a print. This ties Harp to Joey Takoda’s murder. Walt and Ferg deliver the evidence to Agent Towson and Longmire tells the FBI agent that the leak came from his end.

After storming out of the deposition with Walker Browning, Walt has a couple of beers down at the Red Pony and talks with Henry. His old friend gives him the name Shane Muldoon; the real head of the Irish mob. Walt asks where Henry got the name and he replies “Nighthorse.”

Longmire instructs his lawyer to settle and goes to catch some fish. He takes his catch to Boston and hand delivers them to Muldoon. Walt tells him to stay out of Absaroka County. Muldoon is bemused but allows the Wyoming lawman to walk out of the bar unharmed.

Milgrom tells Baggett that Walt will settle but the other lawyer says that is now “off the table.” Longmire will have to fight this one in court.

The stress of the unlawful death lawsuit is affecting Walt’s day-to-day operations, his judgement and how he deals with everyone. His abrupt refusal to help Cady, while telling her to quit working for Nighthorse, has driven another wedge between the father and daughter.

It may also be the reason that he has become so fixated on Jacob Nighthorse. Walt has always been suspicious of Nighthorse and believed that the casino owner killed his wife, shot Branch Connelly and is responsible for a number of other  crimes.

There are a lot of strained relations this season. First Henry and Mathias and then he and Jacob Nighthorse have a bit of tension between them.  Walt is distracted and Ferg now has to sort being threatened at gunpoint and having his prisoner taken.

On the bright side, Archie seems to be doing very well with Meg Joyce.

It is not too difficult to imagine that Cady will get in some sort of difficulty over her involvement in the domestic abuse case.  Walt has no idea that the settlement offer has been rejected and Henry is hoping to get his bar back.

Longmire has four episodes left in the season and it looks like the storm clouds that have been gathering are about to burst open all over everyone.

The series is streaming on Netflix and can be binged if one so desires. Head over and check it out.


Guest starring Noam Jenkins as Agent Towson 

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2 thoughts on “Longmire: Season 5, Episode 6 Objection (Review)”

  1. You. Are. So. Far. Behind. The. Rest. Of. Us.
    That said, glad you suggest the handful of others who haven’t watched Longmire check it out. I signed up with Netflix for Longmire, and this season (except that I’d like more scenic, panoramic locations) is back up with the original seasons. If you think previous seasons ended in cliffhangers, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!


    1. Oddly enough, I learned from season four, the first one to appear on Netflix, that doing one review a week worked out better for my readers. I wrote a three episode review and then switched back to one a week. Overall everyone seems to prefer it that way and as I cover so many other shows, ones whose networks give me press privileges (Netflix never even replied to our application.) Walt and his gang are relegated to once a week. LOL


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