Blindspot: Her Spy’s Mind – Four (Review)

 Blindspot - Season 2

Blindspot “Her Spy’s Mind” heads off in four different directions while at least two are somewhat inter-related.  Weller and Nas head to Bulgaria to grab hacker/whistleblower;Douglas Winter.  Everyone else splits up in this week’s  theme of couples.

Nas and Kurt, Zapata and Reade, Patterson and Borden and Roman and Jane (the only pair that are related); each duo is doing something different.  Patterson ends up doing things for both Kurt  and Jane, she also gets involved with Reade’s dead Coach.

This splitting of the team made the episode quite busy. At one point there are two climatic battles going on at the same time.  Roman and Jane fight off an ever increasing group of security guards. Weller and Nas fight off a attacking force from Sandstorm, and Kurt chokes the CIA guy who steps in to help.

Zapata puts her own job on the line to help Reade. At one point she does question his version of events but in the end she is backing her partner up.

Patterson is one busy bee in this episode of Blindspot. Romancing Borden, cracking codes and trying to help Jane stresses her out. At one point she calls Robert “David” and feels incredibly guilty about it. After she apologizes Patterson finds Nas’ bug in the counseling room.

She tells Kurt, who the night before got down and dirty with the NSA official, and he now has more reasons to distrust the woman. (Has anyone else noticed that Kamal’s first name is an anagram of NSA?)

Jane is remembering more about her childhood in the orphanage with Roman. She has a flashback about how he got that scar and even though her part of the mission goes south, she gets through to Roman. Later she tells Nas that she can “turn” him.

Winter, they learn, is not a hacker or whistleblower at all. He was framed by Sandstorm; specifically by Roman and Shepard. Back at the FBI Kurt listens to the recording and he realizes that Shepard’s voice is one he recognizes.

Show creator Martin Gero managed to keep these four storylines in the air rather well. Like juggling four balls at once, Gero kept the stories moving and when they occasionally intersected it made sense. 

Nas is not pleased that Jane failed to upload the flash drive but has opted to go with Jane’s plan of turning her brother.  Zapata is covering for Reade despite her sneaking suspicion that he may have killed Coach Jones. (She even steals the video tape with Edgar’s name on it.)

Kurt may have had a romantic moment with Nas but that will not stop him from investigating why she has taped everyone’s sessions with Borden.

Winter may well be more than a Patsy for the CIA but his real role in all this is still unclear. With the revelation about Nas, Kurt has someone else to distrust other than Jane.

The Borden/Patterson storyline makes it seem that the doctor may still be the mole. Although Nas is still the number one suspect in this scenario.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays on NBC.



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