Supergirl: The Last Children of Krypton – Family (Recap/Review)

Melissa Benoit as Supergirl

The big news in this episode is the departure of Cat “The Devil Wears Prada” Grant and the promotions of James Olsen.  The photographer has to fill those high heels as the new boss. Supergirl and Superman have to split up after having far too much fun fighting crime and Hank Henshaw makes up with the man of steel by burying the hatchet and turning over all that kryptonite.

CADMUS has declared war on the two citizens of Krypton and unleashed not one but two Metallos. The group hope to separate the cousins and defeat them with the two kryptonite powered cyborgs.

First however, Hank gets his grumpy on and acts annoyed and snippy whenever Superman and Supergirl team up.  Of course the big issue is all that kryptonite that the head of the DEO refused to hand over to Kara’a cousin.

At the moment Supergirl may be upset at Hank  breaking his promise but she and Superman are having “hashtag too much fun.”  Kara starts her new job working as a reporter for Snapper Carr who hates Supergirl’s alter ego on sight.

He tells Kara that she is not a reporter and that she has no job. She goest to complain to Cat who reveals that she is leaving.  Her upcoming departure does  not stop the magnate from chewing Kara out for not standing up for herself.

Meanwhile, the man from the Krypton space pod has still not opened his eyes. He is, however, periodically drawing the energy from the building to heal himself.

Corbon makes the transition successfully to Metallo. He takes on both Superman and Supergirl and almost defeats them both. The krypton allows the metallic man to do some damage.

Later, Dr. Gilcrist is also made into a Metallo 2.0 and the new duo take on the superheroes.  Before that, Superman brings his injured cousin back to DEO headquarters. The Man of Steel comes very close to anger when he chastises Hank about the kryptonite.

Alex gets jealous and not a little upset when Kara reveals she want to relocate to be with Clark. The two have a talk and later, Kara has an epiphany about how to defeat the Metallos.

Winn makes a temporary kryptonite shield for both the super cousins and they work quite well for a while. Finally the Metallos damage the shields and this is when the things get interesting.

Hank and Superman team up on Gilcrist while Alex and Supergirl take on Corbon. The plan works and both Metallos are defeated.

By the end of the episode Kara realizes she needs to stick close to Alex. The kryptonite is given to Superman and he disposes of the stuff.  He then returns to Metropolis and Mr. White.  James is promoted and Kara manages to impress Snapper enough to get started but not enough for a chair.

Kara stops by the unconscious Krypton man’s bed and talks with him. As she tells him that she will be there him, the man gasps and grabs her by the throat.

This episode, despite the danger of the two Metallos was all about family, at work and at home. Accepting each member of that family and learning to juggle the two different factions so no one feels left out.

It was also about Cat Grant taking a “dive” at life.  Aka taking a powder from her role as media mogul. This means that Flockhart will be missing for an undisclosed amount of time. She could possibly be leaving for good.

There was no warm up to this so it may only be temporary. Sort of like Superman’s two episode presence on Supergirl season two…

Supergirl airs Mondays on CW. Tune in and catch the super action.



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