The Mindy Project: Margaret Thatcher (Recap/Review)

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The Nurse’s strike continues this week on The Mindy Project. “”Margaret Thatcher” sees Jeremy crumble under the pressure of being the chief negotiator. The resolve of Jody and Mindy also comes under attack. Colette’s birthday party is right around the corner and Mindy cannot stop calling Ben to come around to treat Leo.

As the male pediatric nurse is the head negotiator for the nurses he and Mindy must keep his “official” trips to her flat a secret. Mindy makes fun of his suggestion at secrecy calling him Jason Bourne.

It does not take Ben too long to work out that Mindy is attracted to him. They finally kiss, but only after Mindy says she will hate  the experience. It is an amusing situation that sort of mirrors Jeremy’s hero worship of Maggie Thatcher, aka the Iron Lady.  Mindy and Ben are the “Upstairs Downstairs” players in this little scenario with Mindy attempting to be the Iron Lady.

Jody goes to Collette’s party and curls her hair. They also post some Instagram pictures of the event. Mindy and Ben bump into one another at the pizza van and he orders vegetarian.  She then tells him if they going to kiss again the least he can do is have pepperoni breath.

Ben is pleased that she has been thinking about that kiss and says so. Mindy downplays the incident and walks off forgetting her three slices of pepperoni pizza.

The nurses hold out as long as they possibly can. Jeremy passes the negotiation baton over to Jody, who recuses himself, and then to Mindy. He explains carefully that all she has to do is remain silent at the final meeting.

At the negotiation, Mindy urges Ben to hold out, via text,  after seeing the horrible offer that Jeremy expects the nurses to sign off on.  The nurses win and get almost all of their demands.

Mindy visits Jeremy in hospital and tells him that they lost. He has another heart attack and asks her to get a doctor. Mindy explains that the doctors all hate them and she will get a nurse instead.

The nurses all return to the clinic and Mindy gives Morgan a hug. She warns him not to get an erection. “Too late,” he replies wrapping his arms around the doctor.

Later when walking a ridiculous amount of dogs he sees Mindy and Ben kissing on the sidewalk in front of her apartment.  He explains to the dogs that Ben is obviously the new love interest in Dr. Lahiri’s life.

“Margaret Thatcher”  was a brilliant title for this episode as it dealt with unions and a reluctance to recognise them. (Think Maggie Thatcher and the coal miners in the UK.)

Lahiri’s list of maladies for baby Leo were also amusing. From the nickel in his ear, “I need it for my gumball machine,” to the raisin up his nose; each was sillier than the last. Although the “getting stuck under my own butt” excuse was quite possibly the funniest of the lot.

The Mindy Project continues to amuse and proves that Mindy Kaling is one of the funniest women on television. The series airs Tuesdays on Hulu.


Guest starring Bryan Greenberg as Ben.

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