Lucifer: Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire – Neglect 101 (Review)


After a week of Lucifer being AWOL, the show returns with “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire.” It is still, underneath everything else, all about those mummy issues. These “problems” induce Lucifer to interfere with Chloe’s dealings with Trixie. “Neglect 101,” he tells Decker equals being a bad mother.

As Lucifer works to discover what his mum is really up to, Amenadiel has some severe issues of his own.  Apart from his “freezing time” trick no longer working, his wings are, for lack of a better term, molting. They look sore and extremely painful.

The angel’s lustful tryst with Mazikeen is costing him dearly. Amenadiel  spends the entire episode researching his problem. Although he does take time to apologize for deceiving  Linda.  At the end of the episode he looks in the mirror at the state of his wings and cries out miserably.

“Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire” starts with “mum” jumping from body to body looking for Lucifer. (Cue some funny moments, especially when the chap is hit by the bus…)

The short segment finishes with the recently murdered Charlotte been inhabited by mum. This serves to allow her to fill Lucifer in on her short search for him.

He does not believe her at all. Charlotte and Lucifer backtrack her trail Lucifer starts to have doubts.  As they search the murder scene, where Charlotte was killed, they find another body while they catch up.

The investigation ends with Charlotte taking off all her clothes, after almost killing a bystander.

Mum is left with Mazikeen while Lucifer tries to find out if she is lying or not.  Maze is very pleased to be put in charge of “mum” initially but Lucifer says no torture.  Mazikeen has to babysit, or as Lucifer calls it “my mum in a disturbingly hot body” sit but the principle is the same.

Trixie underfire for damaging Tammy Twinkletoes…

Decker has to deal with Trixie. The girl destroys her Tammy Twinkletoes so her mum will get her a new $200 doll. Morningstar intrudes on the “intervention” and Chloe gets a call to attend a murder scene.

It is where Charlotte was killed, along with the chap in the other room. They follow the clues to a law firm. The real Charlotte was a lawyer working undercover with an informant to take down a drug dealer.

Meanwhile, Charlotte headbutts an over eager Maze, who was going to torture mum regardless of what Lucifer said, and escapes. At the law firm, Chloe and Lucifer find their suspect and later Morningstar finds the man ready to kill Charlotte again.

Decker turns up about the same time and they save Charlotte, but only after Lucifer stabs her in the arm with a screwdriver.  He tells his mother that she will have to be Charlotte the lawyer from now on.

Afterward the two talk and “make up” Charlotte manages to convince her son that she means him no harm. Lucifer believes her but it is clearly a lie.

“Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire” had some brilliant comic moments. Lucifer finding the cocaine at the murdered woman’s house was one and Morningstar questioning the tanning salon drug dealer was another.

The highlight had to be Charlotte’s husband and his enormous collection of multicolor Crocs. (This actually ties with the Mazikeen and Charlotte “torture scene.” That was comic gold as well.)


Season two of Lucifer looks to be interesting. Despite Amenadiel’s more aggressive nature, it hurts to see him suffering so much.  It appears that Lucifer is getting closer to Trixie, possible because of his mother issues, and Charlotte, as mum, is obviously up to no good.

On a sidenote: Kudos to Tricia Helfer as Charlotte/Mum. The woman is killing it.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.


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