Gotham: Look Into My Eyes – We’re All Mad Here (Review)


The Mad Hatter has arrived in the Wonderland that is Gotham City. “Look Into My Eyes” introduces the menacing character, and his poisonous sister Alice and it is a certainty that they will fit right in.

After watching two full seasons of Gotham, and settling into the third, it has finally become apparent that all the city’s denizens are barking mad. Everyone, from Bruce Wayne down to Lee Thompkins have more than a few bricks missing from their barrows.

Stepping back and looking at the broad scope of characters on hand all that is missing is a Cheshire Cat, who could make it official with its “We’re all mad here,” pronouncement.  Although to be fair, Ed Nygma could well be the “cat” in this scenario. (See what we did there?)

Leaving aside these whimsical musings for a moment and looking at the episode itself, “Look Into My Eyes” introduces Jervis Tetch who is looking for his missing sister.

Sis, who is named Alice and does look a bit like the original rendering of that fictional Lewis Carroll character, is an escapee from Indian Hill.  She has poison in her blood and a tendency to burn down any thing that comes in contact with it.

Tetch, is a hypnotist, “listen to my watch,” feels a little like DC’s version of Marvel’s Kilgrave but with a watch and that Mad Hatter’s top hat. (And before purists moan about the comparison, just remember that DC and Marvel have always had character “riffs.”) Although. to be fair, Jervis is not “manufactured” a’la Indian Hill and Kilgrave was actually created by his parents.

The Mad Hatter is gainfully employed at Barbara and Tabitha’s club doing turns on the small stage.  He manages to find a home during his act and murders the owners, via hypnosis of course, and starts searching for his sister.


Lee is thinking of returning to the GCPD and her old job. Jim finds out that his little coupling with Valerie may be a one time good deal and Penguin runs for mayor.

The Bruce Wayne clone has been welcomed into Wayne Manor.

Manufactured by Hugo Strange, the young man has a disturbing scar on his neck and some sort of wound on his forearm.  He can box fairly well and has no problem stealing Bruce’s identity or Alfred’s Rolls. (Although technically it is Bruce’s car by default.)

Selina Kyle is taken in by the “new” Bruce, enough so that she forgives the “selfish son-of-a-b*tch.” Granted she is getting a free meal from the clone. “Later losers.”

Lee’s new fiancee turns out to be a Falcone.  She really has hopped straight out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Her future hubby may not be part of the family business but guilt by association alone could make things very interesting for the couple.

The Mad Hatter has gotten off to a shaky start in Gotham. He is stopped from walking Jim Gordon off a ledge by little sis. Alice then shoots at her brother, apparently missing, and he does a runner.  She helps Gordon down and he handcuffs her.

Gordon’s little savior has now become another bounty.

Ed Nygma has been released from Arkham Asylum with a certificate proving his sanity. As Ed stands arguing with the new head of the asylum Penguin rolls up and greets his old pal.  Cobblepot has gotten his bestie out of the slam to help in the upcoming election.


Gotham is still pulling in some old favorites from the Batman verse while allowing others to vanish. Jerome as Joker was a nice touch and yet Bruno Heller opted to kill him off. There were hopes that he would be rejuvenated at Indian Hill and, fingers crossed, he may still turn up like Fish Mooney.

Penguin running for mayor feels all wrong.  This happened in the earlier iterations of big screen Batman (Batman Returns). In the 1992 film Cobblepot wins the election and  it looks like history will be repeating itself, so to speak.

As the entire city is stark raving bonkers it seems a certainty that Penguin will be the new mayor. Every single character in Gotham appears to suffer from some mental malady of some kind.

Jim Gordon, who could have been called “normal” in the earlier seasons has now gone completely off the rails. He acts like a grown juvenile delinquent. Just check out the scene in the police station; he is all flailing gestures as he demands his money.

Barnes clearly has anger management issues, which does not make him insane, but his over the top reactions to almost everything puts the man very close to the edge.

It will be interesting to see how the Mad Hatter story plays out.  Except for the hat, Tetch will not stand out too much. Gotham is, after all,  full of inherently nutty people. Even the average citizens are willing to pull guns on the mayor and his “thugs.”

There must be something in the water, anyone doubting that suggestion should just ask Poison Ivy…

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX.


Guest starring John Doman as Carmine Falcone.

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