MacGyver: Metal Saw – Action Packed Fluff (Review)

Lucas Till as Angus MacGyver

In this iteration of MacGyver, Angus is less of a peacenik and more prone to severely damaging his adversaries. But for all the gunfights, explosions and clever manufacturing the body count is, overall, pretty low. In essence  this reboot is a combination of action packed plot filled out with more than a little fluff.

It is, however, a very enjoyable way to spend an hour.   (Less if one takes out the commercials.)  Like  FOX network’s Lethal Weapon, MacGyver is a revisit  to an ’80s favorite.  If they can just get rid of the annoyingly intrusive screen titles, that explain what each ingredient is when Mac makes something, this will be a bit of competition for the other network.

In many ways this new spy series feels a little closer to The A Team. Another popular ’80s action series that featured bullets flying at absurd rates and no “kills” whatsoever. No bodycount was expected for the fluffy action/adventure series and it seems that MacGyver 2016 may be using that template.

(Although to be fair, if memory serves, the original MacGyver had an almost non-existant bodycount as well.)

However, far from being snarky about this new version; these  really are not complaints. Rather, they are observations. Except for those oh so annoying screen titles. (Are these for the millennials who watch? Do they need written confirmation of what Mac is saying in the voiceover? Answers in the comment section below, or if over a certain age, on a postcard please.)

In “Metal Saw” Jack’s old flame has been captured in South America by a crime lord.  The team go down to extract the agent, Sarah Adler (Acker) and her evidence against the crime lord.  Cue some manufactured solutions by Mac and a bit of gunplay.

Riley, who has broken parole yet again, is almost caught by the bad guys but is saved by big boss Patricia Thornton who arrives in the nick of time. By the end of the episode the Phoenix group have caught the bad guy, gotten all the evidence and saved Sarah Adler.

MacGyver has also found out that Nikki is apparently not “Nikki” at all. He finds a burner phone and a passport hidden behind the plug socket in her apartment. The name on the document is Alice Hunter.

MacGyver is enjoyable if not a bit simplistic however  it  does lack the pretentious nature of Scorpion as well as a big name co-star to pad out the cast.  It does offer up some familiar faces as guest stars though.

Thus far the show has featured Vinnie Jones as Nikki’s nasty accomplice in episode one and the beautiful and talented Amy Acker in episode one.   Not too bad, as guest stars go.

The show also features more than its fair share of strong female characters.  Riley, Patricia Thornton and the elusive Nikki are all powerful figures that do not need to be coddled or assisted. Even Sarah Adler, although she is a prisoner, gets the drop on MacGyver when he enters her cell.

MacGyver has managed to be fairly international so far. The start of “Metal Saw” took place in North Korea and ended in a very tiny DMZ stand off. Later the action moved down to South America.

This series is pretty close to mindless escapism.  A reboot of a popular ’80s action/adventure series that was wildly popular.  If they can just lose those screen titles (Yes we are aware we have mentioned this three times,   but it really is that annoying.) MacGyver might just be a keeper.

The show airs Fridays on CBS.


Guest starring  Amy Acker as Sarah Adler.

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3 thoughts on “MacGyver: Metal Saw – Action Packed Fluff (Review)”

  1. Have to disagree. After Episode 2, I’m abandoning what I had hoped would be (with all the CGI capabilities) at least as good as the O-riginal. Frankly, it was George Eads (CSI) I wanted to watch. Each and every character is barely two-dimensional, even the one played this episode by a favorite, Amy Acker. Some critic suggested this, like Trix, is for kids.

    As for it being reminescent of The A-Team, most of THOSE characters were interesting in their own right and one became invested in them. Not so here, I’m afraid. May you enjoy the balance of this show before it falls victim to The Grim Reaper.


    1. I actually made the statement in my prior review that it does feel like “MacGyver for kids.” The show is overly simplistic fluff and part of their problem is that they have tapped into an old formula rather than updating it. It has potential, in mine own humble opinion, to rise above these issues. 🙂


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