Van Helsing: Episode Three ‘Stay Inside’ (Recap/Review)

 Van Helsing - Season 1

Episode three of Van Helsing “Stay Inside” sees the savior of humanity bonding with Axel and coming to grips with the fact that her daughter is most likely dead.  It also shows the backstory of Julius, a leader, like Dimitri but lower down on the “managerial” scale.

It is shown how the ash from the super volcano in Yellowstone allows the blood drinkers to walk around during the day.  Julius discovers this and wastes no time infecting as many people as he can.

Flesh is one of the first that Julius turns. The man returns home, infected, and kills his daughter and then presumably infects his wife.

Three years later: Axel is still feeding Doc, Mohamad and Sam are telling the group about Vanessa killing Ted, and Flesh climbs out of the chute. He is cured, confused and frightened.

Van Helsing and Axel argue about what changed the vampire back. Vanessa  maintains that she is nothing special and Axel disagrees.

John’s wife is tortured in front of the hospital. The vampire’s want Van Helsing and John grabs Vanessa.  As the vampires start to bleed Wendy,  Axel shoots the woman and kills her.

John and Axel fight and knock over the wind generator. The loss of power means they have three hours to live.

The survivors still do not trust Van Helsing and she decides to accompany the Marine while he gets a new engine for the generator. Miller tells everyone to stay inside and to watch Doc.  He reminds both Sam and Mohamad to watch out for John, “He’s an a**hole.”

Axel gives Vanessa a quick lesson on killing the vampires. Massive trauma or decapitation will guarantee that the creatures cannot heal from their wounds.  They are, like Van Helsing, fast healers.

Back at the hospital Flesh wakes screaming from a nightmare and sets Doc off. The vampire is clearly agitated and keeps screaming sporadically. Mohamad and Sam calm Flesh and John goes after Doc.  He prompts the group to kill both Flesh and the Doc.

Sam diffuses the situation with the help of his friend.

As Axel goes underwater to grab the engine, vampires move in for the kill. The Marine grabs the part as Vanessa yanks him up and the vampires attack.  She wounds one who then overpowers her and bites her neck.

The vampire is turned and then dies of its wounds.

Just as the two approach the hospital the power goes off and the UV lights that kept the vampires away shuts down. The vampires attack the building. Flesh comes out and shows the creatures that he has been turned by Van Helsing.

The vampires run off and after Vanessa frees John’s dead wife, they enter the hospital.

Van Helsing asks Doc if she knows what she is.  Another survivor wants to know what Vanessa was saying. She moves forward and Doc snarls scaring the woman off. Doc grins as she turns away.

Axel asks Vanessa to turn Doc back.  She tries but cannot entice the vampire to bite her. Doc is clearly terrified of Van Helsing and she strikes out knocking the woman away. Furious, Vanessa grabs Doc and bites her.

The vampire then passes out.

A short while later she regains consciousness. Doc is human again.

Van Helsing - Season 1

Meanwhile the vampires from the hospital have returned to their lair. The leader reports to Julius and explains that Van Helsing turned Flesh. Julius says that Dimitri has to know about this latest development.

The final shot of Van Helsing is of Doc. She is cured and the camera focusses on her now human face and beautiful smile.

Van Helsing is moving very slowly towards an explanation of what makes Vanessa  so special.  Her ability to cure vampires terrifies the creatures and Van Helsing’s  other abilities mean her human colleagues are uneasy around her.

Doc being “revived” was the highlight of this episode. Although Sam and Mohamad’s double teaming of John came a close second.  At this point in the series, it is official: John is definitely an a**hole. Granted he did lose his wife but clearly, even before this,  he has never been a pillar of society.

Van Helsing airs Fridays on SyFy.  Tune in to find out if the new Doc can help Vanessa out.


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