Lucifer: Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer – Mummy Issues (Review)


Lucifer starts its second season two days after Morningstar was shot point blank last season. “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer’ sees Amenadiel and Morningstar teaming up to find mummy. Lucifer has issues with dear old mum and is desperate to find her.

Things are changing for all the players in this episode. Everyone has been affected by their various dalliances. Amenadiel and Mazikeen  have both changed. It is not, despite the episode title, all about Lucifer.

The angel has discovered that his power over time; being able to control  it, is waning.  Maze is now very good friends with Linda and Chloe might just be coming close to believing the truth about Morningstar after all.

As the two brothers look for their mother, a stand-on on a popular television show is found dead with two “horns” shoved in her forehead.  Chloe and Lucifer investigate and they both learn that “Detective Douche,” Decker’s ex has been reinstated.

The dead girl was the stand-in for Amy Dodd (played by Brit actress Jessica Sula) the star of a popular “teen” show. (This must be a clear reference to Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana.)  Amy is a drug addict and it was Gillian’s job to keep her sober.

As Lucifer and his brother attempt to find mum before she can cause any harm, Chloe enlists Morningstar’s help to catch Gillian’s killer.  He believes that Dodd, who died from an overdose but was brought back by paramedics, may be his mother in disguise.

This leads to a hilarious scene where Lucifer catches Dodd snorting coke.  She leaps on the devil and starts trying to take his clothes off. She partially disrobes as well and Lucifer is beyond disturbed as he thinks Amy is his mum.

Morningstar does not fare all too well in this episode with the women he comes up against. Later, when he confronts “Bobbie B” the drug dealer gets the better of him with a fireplace poker. The woman does  a lot of damage as Chloe is just outside.

Once again, the action is pretty funny. “Please,” says Morningstar. “Are you going to beg for your life,” asks Bobby. “Please don’t tell anyone I died this way,” finishes Lucifer.

The entire sequence is capped off by what makes this show so brilliant.  After Decker steps in and saves Lucifer by shooting his assailant with a taser, Morningstar gives the woman another jolt as he passes by. Chloe performs a slow resigned facepalm at his action and it is a real laugh out loud moment.

Decker’s reaction to Lucifer is what keeps the show funny and interesting. Her belief that all his claims of being the devil are a form of posturing is combined with her slow acceptance of the truth. However, it is her reaction to his total disregard of the rules that makes this whole thing priceless.

By the end of the episode, the murderous drug dealer is caught. Amenadiel is troubled by his vanishing skill set and Mazikeen’s new friend comes to the club to visit. The two are apparently very close.

Mum finally shows up, covered in blood spatters and clutching what looks to be a bloodied screwdriver. She collapses in her son’s arms and pleads with  him to help her.

There is another  new character in this episode. A forensic specialist named Ella Lopez. The young professional is an odd fit. While she may have been included to help the long running story line the character is too quirky. (A medical examiner using the phrase “stabby-stab” feels off.)

Not to say that Aimee Garcia is not good in the part, but the lines do let the character down. There are enough quirky and amusing characters already, more are not needed in the form of an attractive ME who talks like a geeky mall rat.

Ella Lopez,  Lucifer and Chloe

The introduction of “mum” along with the changing character arcs  of all the main players points to a very interesting second season. The first episode gave Tom Ellis another chance to tickle the ivories and sing.  It included some amusing, and not so amusing  standout moments.

Standout  Moments:

The robber at the start being left in his underpants and having his shoelaces tied together was brilliant, as was the tiara on the chap’s head.

Lucifer’s reaction to Amy Dodd’s sexual attack.

The Bobby B fireplace poker assault. “Is that a supernatural poker?”

Chloe’s facepalm.

Maze and the feather-covered boyfriend of Dodd. “What is wrong with you people?”

Amenadiel getting caught at Chloe’s desk when time did not stand still.

The whole bullet-proof vest and blood bag explanation.

That look between Decker and her ex, Det. “Douche.”

This season of Lucifer is off to a good start with plenty of things changing in terms of characters and plot. There were a lot of amusing moments and some intriguing ones.

The series airs Mondays on FOX.


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