Dark Matter: She’s One of Them Now – Cloning Around (Review)

 Dark Matter - Season 2

Dark Matter “She’s One of Them Now” starts off a bit lighter than last week’s “downer” episode. The Raza crew kidnap Talbor Calchek so he can help them to grab some transit pods. These will be used to send clones around to grab the prototype “drive” that works with the “key” that Alicia Reynaud wants so desperately.

This episode actually shows what that “key” is really for. Which means that One is not going to be saved as it is not actually a “time travel” device.   We also learn more about the resident drug addict Devon.  Before the end of the episode, Nyx and Devon bond a little and Five  shows just how good she is at hacking.

The transit travel pods are a personal favorite and these clone devices are used by Three, Four and Five to do a recon of Reynaud’s facility. Two sets up the rules for the fact finding mission and The Android is fixated on how snug Three’s traveling outfit is.

In terms of comedy Hewlett’s Calchek and Palmer’s android are pretty even in this episode. The two work brilliantly together as a double act. Calchek’s yells for attention behind his locked door is a great example.

The Android answers his desperate pleas. Calchek mentions he has been yelling for a half hour and he is upset that no one heard him. The Android replies that she heard him sometime ago and she “just assumed you’d give up eventually.”

Later, as The Android monitors the mission, Calchek brings up her illegal upgrade.  Their interchange is brilliant and funny. He makes a remark that could be deemed insulting. “No offense,” Calchek says. “None taken,” The Android replies after giving Calchek a long stare.

She then manages to completely intimidate the man by giving three different possible explanations for her upgrade. Between each statement, she takes several steps coming closer to Calchek. As she gets nearer, his discomfort grows does  her menacing air.

Dark Matter - Season 2

The mission at Reynaud’s facility is also rather funny.  The clones of Three, Four and Five jump two scientists and their bodyguard.  They then swap clothes and Five wears a scientist smock several sizes too big. She complains and Three says “Ah you look like a ‘widdle’ scientist.”

Earlier Five learns what the card does; it powers a “blink” drive.  The trio go to retrieve the device. They go into a room where the drive is set on top of a lighted stand. Five grabs the machine and as they go to leave an automated voice asks for a password.

“Password?” Three says and the voice instantly says “incorrect password.” The trio hurriedly  head back to the pods. They are jumped by security and Three  tells Five to head back to the ship with the device. He rambles on as he convinces her to leave and Four interjects: “You know she’s gone already, right?”

“She’s One of Them Now” applies specifically  to Nyx. She is now, according to Devon, a crew member of the Raza.  The episode shows us a more confident Five, a more accepted Six we see The Android continuing  to “evolve” with her new upgrade.

While the episode was, for the most part, quite amusing it ends on a downer and a cliffhanger.  On the bright side, Devon is allowed a chance at redemption and he takes it. The Seers  want him to divulge the whereabouts of Nyx and he refuses. The medic pays dearly for his loyalty to Nyx and the crew as the Seers stab him cruelly in the stomach.

Devon is left writhing on the floor with blood pouring from his wound. It appears that he will not be inadvertently selling out his temporary crew mates after all.

The Raza try out the “blink” device. As the drive initiates,  an ear piercing  sound is heard and The Android states that the thing is not working correctly. As the crew protect their ears the Raza vanishes.

Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie have specialized in warming up the audience only to splash freezing water in their faces.  This was, for the most part, an amusing episode. Devon’s apparent death at the hands of the Seers was a shocking moment. It also put the medic in a different light.

(This sequence also proves  what Nyx said in the prior episode to be true, the collective mind did work better with Milo. Now that he is dead, the Seers predictive powers have waned.)

Dark Matter - Season 2

The backstory of Devon explained his drug addiction and the chance for redemption  made him more human. Nyx’s support of her new crew mate also added dimension to her character.

A little contemplation:

The Nerd Recites points out that Dark Matter utilizes tropes and narrative  from Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai.  The show does indeed do this to an extent. Which brings up an interesting scenario.

Most science fiction can be easily classified as “westerns in space.” Using the narrative and tropes from Kurosawa’s samurai film (Which was the director’s homage to John Ford westerns.) makes Dark Matter a “double western.”

Apart from the  comic interplay between Calchek and The Android the second highlight of the episode has to be Five’s deadpan killing of Three and Four’s clones. Taking a note from Emily Blunt’s character in Edge of TomorrowFive does not hesitate, “See you back on the ship.” Bang. Bang.

While One may not be saved with this new blink drive, the crew now have access to game changing tech.  The crew stuck in the middle of two waring factions now have a “level playing field” as Six rightly says.

Thinking of the small crew caught between warring factions it brings to mind another Kurosawa classic “Yojimbo.”  Any thoughts on this one?

Dark Matter airs Fridays on SyFy and Space TV. If you are not watching this show, you should be.


Guest Stars:  Melanie Liburd  –  Nyx,  Shaun Sipos  –  Devon,  Mpho Koaho Inga Cadranel – Alicia Reynaud and David Hewlett  – Talbor Calchek.

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