Killjoys: Heart-Shaped Box – Sabine in a Bag (Review)

Killjoys - Season 2

When is a Level 6 not a Level 6? When she is a Black Root. Killjoys “Heart-Shaped Box” put Sabine in a bag twice. Once literally and the last time metaphorically. Although  Sabine did die after having sex with D’Av in last week’s episode.  She was rejuvenated even after losing a flood of green goo,aka plasma. It may well be that viewers have not seen the last of Sabine.

(We honestly hope not as she and D’Avin make a great looking couple and for a “Black Root” this  gooey at the center “double agent” is too gorgeous to be written off so soon.)

All bad puns aside, it turns out that despite Dutch believing otherwise, Sabine as not working for Khlyen but looking for him.  Her flirtation, which lead to almost deadly coitus, with D’Av was so she could find the missing “rebel” and then kill all the Killjoys.

Fortunately for Dutch and her team, sex with D’Avin forced a huge amount of the green plasma out of Sabine which, in essence, also drove out a lot of the Black Root.  This does not stop Dutch from questioning (aka torturing) Sabine to get answers.

D’Av finally talks her into letting Turin (Patrick Garrow) question Sabine instead. At this point the Killjoys and the head of RAC believe her to be a Level 6. Creepy Phil is Turin’s “interrogator” and Sabine kills him before Phil can kill her.  It turns out that the Q&A man was a Level 6.

Later, Sabine and D’Avin link minds in an effort to identify all the Level 6 operatives. The two “visit’ a snow covered place with a “mirror box” that Sabine claims is a refuge for Level 6 agents on the run.

Killjoys - Season 2
D’Av and Sabine

Sabine tells Dutch and D’Avin that the migration of the green plasma has allowed her to “feel” for the first time in years. (She is, in fact, 89 years old. The goo apparently works well as an  anti-aging device.)  She knows, however, that as the plasma regenerates in her system, the “Sabine” part of her will be lost.

She urges D’Av to have sex with her once more to allow her to “feel” one last time. He refuses but does let her go. Dutch is not overly pleased when she finds this out but relents somewhat after D’Avin reveals that he put a tracker on Sabine.

It is Dutch, just prior to her return, who learns that the Level 6 is really a Black Root. She has an altercation with another “root” and kills him.  Johnny Jaqobis takes a solitary warrant out a woman who helped design the wall around Old Town.

He learns where the controls are, in Jelco’s private office, and he heads to Spring Hill to find them. Johnny is caught by Jelco and his men after the woman told him of Jaqobis plan. The younger Killjoy brother is held prisoner  as a result.

Dutch, in the meantime,  follows Sabine and the two fight “to the death”  at that snowy location.  The Killjoy leader puts a round right between Sabine’s Black Root eyes and then goes to the mirror box.

Killjoys - Season 2

She discovers that it is a “Khlyen refuge” but not for Level 6 agents to use. It was built for her. Dutch finds another “kill” box and this one has her twin’s name in it.

D’Avin and Dutch talk about the box and Sabine. Dutch  reveals that she did not check to see if the woman was dead. As Dutch tells D’Av she wanted to give her a “fighting chance” we see Sabine being dragged off by two men.

Killjoys had  few comic moments this week. Sabine being put in a bag so D’Av and Johnny could smuggle her out of Pree’s bar was the funniest bit of the episode.  After last week’s more comic rendering of the show, this week was a definite downer.

D’Avin loses his “perfect” match and Johnny looks pretty beaten up sitting in that circular jail cell. The most interesting thing about the episode was learning of  Khlyen’s “rebellion” after he took charge of young Dutch.  We have yet to learn why but obviously there is something very special about the Killjoy leader.

Another bit of information shows that Level 6 and Black Root personnel can be killed. A silver twisty, and barbed, spike shoved in the “brainpan” will do it. Although there is a question of whether Dutch’s shot to Sabine’s brain killed her or not.

Show creator Michelle Lovretta wrote this episode and she manages to expand the Killjoy mythos while expounding the Level 6 and Black Root issue.  There is still a lot going on peripherally in the verse. The company and its walls are still to be explained and Jelco continues to be a problem. 

Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy and Space TV. This is a cracking television program.  Action, strong female protagonists and a slick plot line that impresses equals great telly. Check it out.


Guest starring Tori Anderson as Sabine and Pascal Langdale as Jelco.

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