Orange Is the New Black: Turn Table Turn – Blanca (Review)

Laura Gómez as Blanca Flores

In”Turn Table Turn” Blanca (played by Laura Gómez) has her  backstory  featured and Maritza (Diane Guerrero) learns that CO Thomas Humphrey (Michael Torpey) is a dangerous and slightly mad bully.  Sister Jane  Ingalls (Beth Fowler) has a hard time getting anyone to send her to the SHU. Caputo questions Judy King (Blair Brown) and Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) about that picture and Nicky decides to get sober. 

This was a busy episode of Orange is the New Black. Blanca’s flashbacks show a very different woman from the Litchfield inmate with the Frida Kahlo mono-brow and poor hygiene. Unlike some of the other women’s backstories, Ramos’ life is transformed by love.

Or at the very least a combination of lust and frustration with her dictatorial boss. The unpleasant and bossy woman she cares for fires the Dario, aka Diablo (Miguel Izaguirre).  Blanca, whom the woman calls “Bianca,” is furious and later has sex with the man by her employer’s bed. 

The worm has turned.

Caputo suspects that someone took King and Cindy’s picture in the prison . He also tells the two inmates that their “affair” better be real. Piscatella (Brad William Henke) orders a search for mobile phones. Ironically,  Luschek (Matt Peters) is put in charge of the detail. 

Maritza incurs Maria’s wrath when her drug contact is chased off by officers. She believes that Flores is behind it  trying to  quit her courier duty. Ramos reminds Ruiz that she is not even Dominican and the gang leader tells the younger inmate to leave.

Boo (Lea DeLaria) is furious with Doggett (Taryn Manning) for accepting Coates’ apology.  Soso (Kimiko Glenn) is upset that Judy King’s multiracial relationship has turned her and Poussey into “Kim and Kanye.” 

Ingalls is successful in getting sent to the SHU.  Nicky finally goes to Red for help and Piper and Alex dream of cheeseburgers.

Maritza and Marisol (Jackie Cruz) play a game in the dining hall called “Gun to Your Head.” They ask each other questions. The first is whether or not to run a 72 year-old grandmother down. Maritza choses to run grandma down. 

The next question is, “Gun to your head: swallow 10 dead flies or a live baby mouse.” Humphrey listens  to their game and Marisol warns Maritza. He tells Maritza is Spanish that he knows about the van. Later he takes the inmate  to his house.  On the table are 10 dead flies and a live baby mouse.

He puts a gun to Maritza’s head…

The Latino population are still being targeted for searches and Blanca soon discovers that her smell stops the officers from rubbing her down. She increases the smell using smoked oyster juice and other fish oils. CO Stratman (Evan Hall) is disgusted with Ramos’ body odor and tells her to wash, “with soap.” 

It soon becomes a battle of wills between the inmate and the officer.  After repeated warnings to clean herself up, Stratman snaps when Blanca walks past him in the dining area. Furious, he orders her to stand on a dining table until she decides to clean up.

Stratman asks CO Dixon (Mike Houston) about his action and the other officer says he may have made a mistake. Blanca glares at the two men from the tabletop. 

The episode ends with Blanca on that table. This is something that will not end well for anyone. The officer has overstepped his authority and this could blow up in his face.

Kudos to Ms. Lyonne for her portrayal of a “blasted” Nicky. Her wandering and unfocussed  eyes combined with her scattered speech pattern were spot on. Gongs for this talented lady come Emmy time should be a no brainer for anyone on the committee.

Orange Is the New Black is steaming on Netflix.  Cracking television that can be watched all in one go. Check it out.


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