Between: Horatio Rising – Adam on the Attack (Review)

Adam and Daisy

Between “Horatio Rising” sees Adam outside of Pretty Lake and taking on both  Prime Minister Miller (Rosemary Dunsmore) and Horatio Pharmaceuticals. Adam goes on the attack. He targets both Miller and the CEO  of Horatio; Dexter Crane (played by Pascale Langdale).

The season of Between could have been subtitled “Liam Cullen’s Magical Mystery Cure.” All who are injected with  the stuff become practically immune to everything. 

Renee not only survives her 22nd birthday but she survives the pointblank gunshot wound to her abdomen.  Franny shot Renee after she shot and killed Gord, who did not have Cullen’s magic vaccine.  Chuck falls through a glass coffee table and wakes up with all his wounds healed. Wiley’s tumor disappears and later in the episode she reminds Liam, who also  got a shot of the miracle “medicine” that his diabetes is also gone.

Mark talks to Franny about shooting Renee and manages to make her feel better about the whole thing.  Wiley finds Cullen in the trunk (boot) of his car and after speaking to Adam ties him up in a shed.

Meanwhile, the survivalist leader, despite having her life saved twice, steals all the vials of Cullen’s vaccine and leaves the hospital.  Wiley insists that they initially ask Renee to return the vials. If that does not work they will storm the facility.

Adam is outside the fence. He takes the van after handcuffing the driver to a tree. Later, Crane’s hired gun shoots the man.  Later Adam gets in touch with Daisy (Loretta Yu) who helps him hack Horatio’s files.

The company finds her shortly after and Crane’s hired hitman flashes a badge and claims to be law enforcement.  Dairy refuses to help and barely escapes being terminated in her own bicycle repair shop.

Adam contacts Miller and she refuses to budge on exterminating the Pretty Lake survivors. Crane also proves be  a difficult opponent. Finally the CEO agrees to give  those who are immunized a chance to leave.

All the while, Daisy and Adam play cat and mouse with the Crane’s gunman; Mr. Brooks (Sebastian MacLean). Adam calls both Miller and Crane threatening both with exposure. The minister gets angry and blames Horatio Pharmaceuticals and demands that Dexter take care of the boy. 

Crane basically plays chess with Adam, countering his every move with one of his own.  All the while the young man is staying one step ahead of Dexter’s hired man.

Brooks methodically hunts down Daisy, whom he apparently dispatches at the mouth of an alleyway.   At the end of the episode, he grabs Adam and forces him into a car with Crane Dexter. The CEO demands all of Liam’s research paperwork.

Back behind the fence, Renee wrests control of the survivalist compound from Ronnie with ease. He would not have lasted long as joint leader anyway as he gave himself special treatment.  Renee begins injecting people in her camp.

Wiley turns up asking for a minimum of five vials, one of which is for her baby Jason. Renee counter-offers three. Mark is found with a scoped rifle aimed at the leader and negotiations end. The two townies are taken prisoner.

By the end of this episode of Between Adam is being held by Dexter Crane, Daisy is presumably dead, Liam is tied up in a shed and Wiley is Renee’s captive.  There are only a couple of hours left till evacuation, if Adam’s plan works, and it looks like only a few of the Pretty Lake survivors will receive an injection.

It is interesting to note that once Adam got out of the cordoned-off area, he became less strident and more “in charge.” His demands were getting a little jittery as not one person wanted to play.  Renee is obviously a stinker full stop and Ronnie has not changed much either. His dead brother did not make an appearance in this episode.

Time is running out for Wiley to retrieve Jason and get him injected. Although Adam seems to be in trouble so the plan may not work anyway.

Between is streaming on Netflix with all episodes available to watch at once. Head over and see what the second season of  this Canadian science fiction drama has to offer.


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