UnREAL: Infiltration – Quinn Goes In for the Kill (Review)

Ruby and Darius UnREAL

It has to be said, this offering from Lifetime is beyond entertaining.  UnREAL (which is inexplicably losing popularity according  to IMDb) offers enough metaphorical bloodshed to satisfy most jaded viewers. “Infiltration” sees Quinn going in for the kill as she orchestrates the downfall of two contestants. After last week’s reveal that Darius has a career threatening  injury;  this week continues the behind the scenes power play action.

The three pronged battle for control between Quinn, Rachel and Coleman (Chet is so far out of the loop he is no longer a player.) intensifies as the creator of “Everlasting” takes on the new partnership of Wasserman and Goldberg.    Jeremy bails Chet out of jail, after being arrested for kidnapping.

As Quinn goes through dress choices for the Impact Awards (where she plans to impress John Booth) Chet arrives to speak with her. Ms. King proves that she is a “boss” during her conversation with her former lover.

Chet: “Um, I just wanted to say…”

Quinn: “What? You want to apologize? Beg for my forgiveness? Commit hari-kari on my rug? Go for it.”

Wasserman nabs the tickets for the awards show, the invites go to the show runner (plus one) and as Coleman is the new runner, he plans to go.  The new boss also invites Rachel. Quinn is furious.

Rachel comes to work in the “Everlasting” sports car with Wasserman. As walks toward the set Yael, aka “Hot Rachel” (played by Monica Barbaro comes out of the camera truck. The contestant obviously spent the night with Jeremy (Josh Kelly).  Yael has a picture of Rachel that the DP has punched holes through. Apparently he still has issues about his past relationship with Goldberg. 

Coleman sees the damaged picture and is concerned about Jeremy’s behavior.

Yael’s act catches up with her later when Rachel sets up her “doppelgänger” to be taken down by another contestant Dominique (Elizabeth Whitmere).  Quinn chooses these two for the “overnighter” despite Darius wanting Ruby.  Colman demotes Jeremy from DP an act  that is, in essence,  firing him.

Jeremy believes that Rachel has something to do with his change of fortune. Meanwhile Rachel tells Dominque about Yael sleeping with crew members. When Darius goes to chose, before he can speak, Dominique spills the beans on Yael having sex with crew members on camera.

The result is that Darius choses neither woman. Later he bumps them both out of the house. Jeremy urinates on Coleman’s special car and Chet offers to help his former DP.

Darius choses Ruby for the overnighter.  Quinn is furious and calls for Rachel.  Coleman has a private word with Ms. King and suggests she go home.  The new showrunner also informs Quinn that Rachel has outgrown her.  Quinn calls Rachael a “Chia pet.”

Wasserman tells Quinn that her “Everlasting” formula is old hat and that she needs to make some noise. Calling Madison in, Quinn orders her to bring Ruby’s files in. “I can make some noise,” says King.

In the private suite, Quinn has broken the show’s rules by installing  cameras throughout the “overnighter” room.  Jay complains (Ruby is one of his girls) and Quinn bluffs him out.

Wasserman and Rachel meet John Booth at the Impact Awards and the man turns out to be a huge fan of  “Everlasting.”  Chet puts Jeremy through his “retreat” therapy.   Booth seems impressed by both Goldberg and the new show runner.  Quinn shows up and steals the couple’s thunder.

While Quinn works on Booth, she gets the call from Madison telling her that Ruby’s father has arrived.  She invites Booth to the set.  Ruby tells Darius about her father and he reveals that he is influenced by his mother, among other things.  The two begin to have sex.

Jay calls Rachel and tells her about the cameras.  She knows Quinn is up to something and Rachel takes Coleman back to the set. Jeremy finally admits to Chet  that his problem is Rachel and that he still loves her.

Ruby’s dad arrives and sees his daughter having sex with Darius on camera. There is a confrontation.  Rachel arrives as Quinn takes Dr. Carter (Carl Lumblyto the overnighter room (on camera) and Goldberg stops the whole thing.  King pushes the right buttons on her protege and  Rachel allows the cameras in, despite Coleman’s telling her not to.

Ruby and her father have a parting of the ways and John Booth is very impressed with Quinn. Immediately after the family breakup on camera, Ms. King sets up the elimination round.

Rachel confronts Quinn about her actions. King tells Goldberg that Coleman is her Chet and that she, Quinn, always gets invited to the ball. Ruby apologizes for her father and then messes up by implying that Darius could be much more than a professional football player.

In the elimination round, Yael, Dominque and Ruby are sent home.  Yael for her sexual liaisons with the crew, Dominque for playing dirty and Ruby for revealing that Darius will never be the man her father is.

Quinn has impressed Booth and he invites her back to his place. She turns him down because of her dad’s funeral. She has to  get a coffin. Booth reveals that Costco has coffins and Quinn leaves with Booth.

Coleman is upset that Rachel let Quinn win.  Goldberg goes to wardrobe to drop off her dress and Jeremy confronts her about Coleman demoting him.  The altercation gets physical and Chet comes in. He grabs the cameraman and throws him out of the trailer. As Jeremy hits the ground, Chet fires him.

Constance Zimmer as Quinn is fearless. Her character is  usually right about what works and what does not.  The combined force of Quinn and Rachel (played brilliantly by Appleby) is almost terrifying in the amount of power the two  wield and their masterful manipulation of everyone.

UnREAL is addictive and mesmerizing. It is impossible not to tune in each week to see where the storyline is heading.  The compelling urge to  see what is happening, not to the contestants or Darius, but with/between Quinn and Rachel is too much to ignore. This is the best “unreal” show about reality TV.

The series airs Mondays on Lifetime.  Do not miss this show.  When Emmy time rolls around expect to see numerous gongs for this show.  Zimmer and Appleby are  odds on favorites  here for performances that go above and beyond.


Guest Starring: Ioan Gruffudd as John Booth


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