Preacher: Sundowner – Oops (Review)


Preacher picks up where last week ended.  Custer learning about Genesis and that the power he was emanating had nothing to do with God.  In “Sundowner” we learn what Genesis is; an oops moment when angel and demon sex create a “baby.”   The offspring has been kept in hiding by Fiore and DeBlanc.

The start of “Sundowner” is a return to that action packed, and madly comic, opener for the the series where Cassidy takes on  a plane load of vampire hunters.  This time it is the appearance of a Seraphim, Susan, who the angels have to kill.

Jesse is confused and outraged that they killed the woman, who is not a woman at all.  She regenerates before the three can leave. In a panic they take Custer’s truck back to the hotel. Susan learns where the trio have gone (by looking in their bible) and confronts them moments after they arrive back at the Sundowner motel.

Cue a long Keystone Cops type battle between Fiore, DeBlanc, Custer and Susan. “Don’t kill her! Restrain her!” shouts Fiore repeatedly.  Just as often the Seraphim is killed and rejuvenates immediately after. The motel room is destroyed as the four battle on and on.

Cassidy appears and shoots Susan in the head earning a frustrated glare from Fiore. The battle continues until Fiore “disarticulates” the Seraphim in the bathroom. The motel room looks like an abattoir.  Cassidy and Jesse leave over the two angels’ protests.

Tulip confronts Emily at her house about Custer. “Stay  away from my boyfriend!”

She breaks an art project and when Emily tells Tulip what she did, Custer’s old girlfriend fixes it. She also offers to help Emily out by running errands.  The two bond as they talk about LA and the extra programs for Jesse’s next service.

Arseface (Ian Colletti) is making new friends at school and it makes him uncomfortable.  His new pals take him to a viaduct and they set off fireworks. Custer puts up a loudspeaker for his next sermon and Cassidy pleads with him to reconsider giving back Genesis. 

Eugene (Arseface) and his new pals

As Jesse puts out more chairs outside the church, the mayor drops by and comes close to telling the preacher about the Green Acres massacre.  Tulip arrives with the supplies and Cassidy mistakenly believes she is there for another round of sex. Jesse speaks with her while the vampire hides behind the supply door.

Eugene comes by to see the preacher before the big service and he asks for his forgiveness to be taken back. Jesse is bemused. Eugene explains that what Custer did was “cheating” and he gets angry. He shouts at the boy and tells him that he is saving the “damn town.”

Arseface continues to argue with Jesse and full of frustration the preacher  uses “the voice” on Eugene and tells him to go to hell. The boy disappears.

The mayor finally returns the Green Acres phone messages as he surveys the burnt bodies of the company  reps that Quincannon killed last week.

The Preacher looks to be picking up speed as Jesse refuses to return Genesis and continues to use it.  The sense of foreboding increases as the moment of Custer’s sermon comes near.  His “oops” moment with Eugene is a clear sign that this will not be a good time for anyone.

Regardless of whether one is a fan of the graphic novel or not, Seth Rogen and his fellow creators have come up with a blackly funny fantasy series that will earn its own fans.  Yet despite the amusing, but oh so dark, moments there is still a lot of pathos and pain in the show.  Check out that look on Cassidy’s face when he realizes that Tulip is there for Jesse.


Juliana Potter was brilliant as the “T-1000” type that was almost impossible to stop.  Another moment in the episode that deserves praise is that interaction between Tulip and Emily. Negga and Griffiths worked so well together it reached a new level.

The Preacher airs Sundays on AMC. This continues to  entertain on a different level. Do not miss an episode.


Guest Starring: Juliana Potter as Susan/Seraphim

Rating is for mature audiences only due to content.

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