Ray Donovan: Marisol – Consequences (Recap & Review)


Last week’s shock revelation that Hector’s half-sister Marisol began having sex with him when he was 13 has consequences in this episode of Ray Donovan. The main storyline has the drugged up half-sibling ready to “spill the beans” on national television about her lurid past.  Mickey is being held by Detective Muncie and Ray has to cut a deal to get him out of trouble again.

Abby has her purse stolen and Terry tries to get it back. The purse snatcher beats Terry up and leaves with the designer handbag.

The main story in “Marisol” is about the half-brother, half-sister incest  and Ray keeping Hector’s sister from telling the world before his big fight.  Hector is desperate to keep his past a secret.  Just the strain of Marisol attempting to reveal their sexual relations has him losing focus.

Campos insists that Ray stop Marisol. Lena (Katherine Moenniggoes to the studio where Hector’s sister waits to go on camera. Wearing a lanyard she lures Marisol down the hall for a sound test. Once there the addict sees Ray. Turning,  Marisol punches Lena in the nose and makes a run for it.

The drug addict puts up quite a fight and after she kicks Ray in the crotch, Lena comes up and tases Marisol. “You didn’t have to do that,” Ray says. “Yes I did,” responds Lena. They take the unconscious woman to Ray’s apartment and Donovan goes to see Muncie.

He promises the detective that he will get her Ivan Belikov (Pasha D. Lychnikoff) if she drops the charges against Mickey.  Donovan asks for one day and promises to deliver both Ivan and  the evidence she needs to take the Russian down for the Minassian murders.  Father Romero (Leland Orser) approaches Ray about Marisol and tells him what he and Hector are doing is wrong. 

Ray approaches Belikov in the sauna and they talk about the fight. In the parking lot Donovan overpowers Ivan and puts him in the car trunk. Ray calls Avi and tells him again to get the guns used in the Minassian shoot out.  Avi is not keen to provide the guns and Ray puts Belikov in Avi’s storage room.

Avi (Steven Bauerdelivers the guns.

Bunchy and Teresa (Alyssa Diaz) are having problems. Her libido is sky-high and Bunch is having a hard time keeping up. Abby (Paula Malcomson) suggests that he get her a sex toy. She takes Bunchy to pick one out.

Ray and Avi deliver Belikov and the guns to Muncie. She takes the deal and releases Mickey (Jon Voight). Bunchy returns to the gym and sees the same man talking to Teresa from the day before. He confronts the man and drops the “toy.” Despite this things end up okay between Bunchy  and his pregnant wife.

Ray sends Mickey to Las Vegas. Before he gets on the bus, Mickey tries to interest Ray in the $4 million at The Green Horseshoe.

Terry recovers Abby’s purse from a young girl walking down the street with it draped over her shoulder.  They force her to call her boyfriend to bring back the contents.  The boy does and everything, including the tickets to the Campos fight are there. Terry recruits the kid to come train as a boxer and gives him a ticket to the fight.

Lisa Bonet as Marisol and Katherine Moennig as Lena

Earlier Marisol is offered $25K a month if she goes to rehab as well as dropping her story. She refuses.  Lena babysits the addict until Ray comes back and gives the woman a statement to read. This one states that she was lying about having sex with her brother.

Marisol reads the statement and then throws herself out of Ray’s car afterward. She gives Donovan the slip and begins texting Hector saying she is going to kill herself.

Father Romero threatens Ray about his actions as  Mickey heads back to Las Vegas. The Donovan family watch  Campos comes unstuck and lose the fight.  Ray watches the fight alone and he looks on with a tired gaze as Hector is knocked out.

In “Marisol” Ray Donovan is busier than the  energizer bunny.  Rushing to grab Hector’s half-sister, heading to meet with Muncie and then kidnapping Belikov and getting the evidence to  convict him.  Donovan is nothing if not wickedly resourceful. The vitamin B-12 bill for the Donovan household must be astronomical.

Abby is still avoiding her cancer surgery (she is also l keeping the news about her cancer a secret from everyone) and Bridget (Kerris Dorseyis cautiously  heading back home.  Terry’s shaking is worse.

Ray Donovan continues to dance rings around the bad guys (and the cops) in LA.  It was interesting that he had to “blackmail” Avi to come up with the guns needed for the Muncie deal.

All the actors were spot on, as usual, but mad props to Bonet for making her character as repugnant as possible. The dragged through the dirt look and tawdry mannerisms did not hide the tragedy behind Marisol’s upbringing. She too was taught about sex at 13…By her father.

Kudos to Leland Orser for making Father Romero more than a “father figure.” He manages to imbue his character with enough unpleasantness to  come over as very unlikeable, despite his “saving” Ray earlier.

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime. Tune in and do not miss the best drama on television.


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