Ray Donovan: Lake Hollywood – Hector’s Lament (Review)


The body count continues to rise this week and it seems likely that Avi has joined the number of deceased that are dotted across Ray Donovan’s landscape. The bloodbath in Nevada last week has not been matched in “Lake Hollywood,” but things have gotten seriously out of hand in Los Angeles.  Is Ray smart enough to defeat the Russian mob?

Donovan makes the first move, a pre-emptive strike as it were, by taking the art. He tells Waller that if Avi is hurt, Dmitri will never see his art again. Terry wakes up with the cop the morning after and Marisol continues to bother Hector.

Ray circles the wagons, getting everyone, bar Terry, at the house.  Daryll helps out as does Lena, they steal the art, and only Bridget seems to be left out of the loop. Ray gets Bunchy to move Teresa to the house.

Bunchy tells Ray about Mick’s homicidal rampage in Nevada.  Mickey talks to Ray who is not happy about his killing Little Bill. Mick is still upset about the death of Silvie and Ray is unmoved. Mickey tags along with Bunchy and Teresa in the move  to Calabasas.

Sonia has gone off the grid and despite Ray having all his art, Dimitri has Donovan running around in circles. He insists that the action star Butch Kramer be brought to him.  Dimitri ignores Ray’s requests to see Avi.

At the gym, Hector’s wife  Jessica (Audra Griffisand daughter show up.  Jessica  tells him that she and  Stella  (Mattea Quinare going to Montreal. Hector is beyond distraught. He tells Terry that he will back in an hour.

Terry attempts to distract Stella

Ray gives Waller the receipts for all the art Sonia’s gallery sold. He tells the lawyer he knows about the forgeries. Waller promises to work on Dimitri although, he says,  it will do no good.

Hector goes to see Marisol and tells her about Jessica and Stella.  She is not impressed. He tells her she smells of jail and Marisol goes to run a bath.  At the Donovan house, Mickey and Abby share a moment as one of Dimitri’s men watches the house.

As Terry leaves the gym to get Hector from Marisol’s house, the boxer drowns  his half-sister in the bathtub. When Terry arrives, Campos tells him she died by overdosing in the tub.

The murder of Marisol is sudden, shocking and disturbing.  It is not, however, overly surprising. Marisol knew which buttons to push and her self destructive streak caused her to destroy her half-brother.

Terry calls Ray.

Ray tells Terry to leave Hector at Marisol’s house. Campos admits he killed his sister and Ray says, “I know.” Donovan leaves.  Terry is shaken by the death and returns to the gym.

Donovan gets Butch to see Dimitri. Ray attends the mobster’s party and Kramer is already there. The Russian mob  boss asks Butch to go outside and he has a bodyguard beat the star up. (Dmitri is upset at Kramer’s latest film, “The Kremlin Bleeds” where his character killed 111 Russians.)

Dimitri may be a little bit insane.

After his bodyguard beats Kramer to the ground Dimitri takes Ray to a room where they are keeping an injured Waller.  The mobster tells Ray that the lawyer tried to intercede on his behalf and then shoots him in the forehead. Dimitri then thanks Donovan for bringing Butch to the party.

Ray heads back to help Hector. First, he takes Marisol’s phone and takes a picture of Hector sitting in front of his dead sister’s body. Donovan does this for insurance. He then takes Marisol’s body and dumps it in Lake Hollywood. Just prior to this, he sends Hector a text from her phone; a suicide text.

Ray calls Dimitri and tells him that he has what he owes the Russian mobster.

It seems pretty obvious that Avi is dead. Despite Ray asking repeatedly,  Dimitri has not produced him alive or dead.  After watching the mobster in action it fits that he killed Avi right after the phone call where he told Ray to deliver Sonia.

There are two episodes left in this season and it seems that Donovan is outnumbered and outflanked by Dimitri.  Previews of the next episode makes things seem quite fraught. Donovan seems to be on top of it, but can he really beat the mobster and save his entire family?

Raymond J. Barry as Dmitri

Ray manages to maintain that look of tired confidence  that shows he believes  he will outwit the Russian.  On a sidenote,  one wonders if Lena will make good her threat  and kill Dimitri if Avi really is dead.  The body count in this episode was two, Waller and Marisol. A bit of a comedown after last week’s murderous activities.

There is a lot up in the air in this episode. So far the only thing that has been solved is Hector’s lament. She has been put in the lake, a not-so “lady of the lake,” as it were.

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime. There are two episodes left, do not miss them as this season looks to be even more intense than season three.


Guest starring Raymond J. Barry as Dimitri,  Jack Kesy as Butch and Ismael Cruz Cordova as Hector. 

Ray Donovan: Norman Saves the World – Murder (Review)


Last week Ray Donovan murdered the man who was going to protect Mickey in jail. With Belikov gone Ray turns to Ed Cochran (Hank Azaria) to get his father out of County. In the meantime the plan is to have MIckey placed in the gay protection wing.  

Cochran has evidence on the star of “Norman Saves the World” Sherman Radley  (Reginald VelJohnson) who stabbed a co-star to death. Ed took care of the murder weapon and someone else disposed of the girl’s body.  Radley’s agent, Nick Lowell (Balfour) was in charge of the body detail.

A surviving Minassian (Terry Moore) puts a contract on Mick and the hitman has himself arrested. Inside County, the man is instantly spotted by Mickey. Later the killer poison’s Mick’s soup. His cellmate eats it instead and later dies.

Sidenote: In a blackly comic scene, Mick pretends to be having sex with his dying cellmate as Brent Mancini (Thomas Crawford) comes to see him. Conor, not being part of the scam, tells Mancini that his grandfather is straight. The official goes to see Mick and deny him access to the wing. Mick’s “sex” ruse works and he is transferred just as the hitman becomes his new roomie.

Back at the gym Hector (Ismael Cruz Cordova) decides to do all his training there. Marisol (Lisa Bonet) gets kicked out of rehab and Campos tells Daryll to take her home. Hector has turned into a douche since losing his big fight. 

Daryll picks up Marisol and she stops off for a fix. When they show up at the gym where Hector is giving a press conference, he is furious.

Cochran shows Ray the evidence against Radley. He then brokers the deal with  Holt (Derek Webster). Avi is upset when Holt agrees to the deal and he tells Ray that Cochran is trying to screw him. 


Ray meets with Hollywood agent Lowell and offers him Tommy Wheeler as a potential client.  Lowell bites. Ray tells Nick to meet him at his apartment. Wheeler is there already and he tells Ray he does not need a new agent.

Lowell arrives and before he can get into  the “deal” Ray takes him into anther room where Ed Cochran is waiting.  Ed tells Lowell to give up Sherman Radley for the murder of Fiona Miller.  Cochran tries intimidating the agent who is not fazed by Ed’s gun. Ed headbutts Lowell and Ray follows up by knocking him out.

Nick ends up being waterboarded by Cochran. Initially the agent is defiant and refuses to talk. Mid way through the torture Tommy comes into the room. He takes a seat and watches the proceedings. Finally Lowell cracks and he reveals that the late Ezra Goldman arranged for the body to be disposed.

Ray immediately knows who did the deed for Ezra; The Texan (Keach). Avi is not happy. Later, Ed blackmails Radley into telling him where Miller’s body is hidden. The star tells Cochran it is at his old restaurant. Ray watches The Texan and sees Radley talk to the man. He follows The Texan to the restaurant.

Donovan tries to warn Cochran who lies to Ray about where he is. The Texan arrives and enters the building. As Ray approaches  he hears shots ring out. Entering the building he finds both The Texan and Cochran have been wounded.  He asks The Texan where the body is and he finds it.

Ray leaves The Texan in the closed restaurant as Ed goes to give Holt the location of the body. As Donovan goes to leave, he stops and looks at The Texan as The Upbeats sing “Friday On My Mind.”

It is interesting to see how Ezra Goldman keeps cropping up in season four. Ray seems to be inexorably linked to the dead man.  Cochran still has not learned that  Donovan will always get the better of him.

Terry’s protege Damon (Dominique Columbus) wins his first fight and Bunchy talks Abby into looking after baby Maria for a bit longer.

Stacy Keach as The Texan

The guest stars this week rocked.  Stacey Keach still impresses as one bad customer. The look that he and Liev Schreiber exchange spoke volumes.  Keach’s chops are still massive and very strong.  Hank Azaria got a chance to show off his singing skills again and no one can play sleaze like Eric Balfour.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Hector has changed and Mickey presumably still has a contract out on him.  And who was the Minassian woman in the electric wheelchair. She paid for Mick to be killed and will obviously continue to be a threat.

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime.  Do not miss this show. Great writing and great acting equals great television.


Guest starring Stacey Keach as the Texan and Eric Balfour as Nick Lowell and Austin Nichols as Tommy Wheeler.

Ray Donovan: Federal Boobie Inspector – Natalie Wood Twist (Review)


Last week saw Little Bill’s $4 million taken from his casino and from under Mickey’s nose.  Ray Donovan heads back to all that money later in “Federal Boobie Inspector” as he works busily to get Belikov back on the street. Part of that plan deals with a “Natalie Wood” type twist that was surprising.

In this episode, Ray retrieves  a confession from Ronnie Price (Dabney Coleman) that was kept in  the late Ezra’s safe.  On the taped bit of evidence Ronnie admits to killing his wife. Price’s statement, on the recording,  says that he knew Suzi wanted “him” (someone else) and he struck her in the head with a boat hook and she fell into the water and drowned.

This entire scene seems evocative  of film star Natalie Wood’s suspicious death in 1981. The 43 year old star’s  body was found after an argument with her then husband Robert Wagner.  Her corpse was floating in the waters off Catalina Island and there was signs of bruising.  At the time there was a rumored affair between Wood and Christopher Walken and all three  were on board the boat the night she died.

It is interesting to note that the taped confession of a younger Price sounds eerily like Wagner in terms of speech pattern and tone. As a point of interest, Wood’s family have placed Wagner as the number one suspect in her death, which was officially declared an accident.

Back to the episode: Ray has Lena watching Jackson Holt, the only man who can get Belikov released.  Avi wants to kill Mrs. Kovitzky and Ray is rushing to liquidate his property to pay the woman off until Belikov can be discharged.

Mickey heads to Los Angeles to see his new granddaughter and gets a lift from the Pink Motel manager.  Ray and Abby stop by to see Maria and Bunchy asks him to be the baby’s godfather. Neither Theresa nor Terry are pleased by this  turn of events.

Jon Voight as Mickey Donovan

Mickey’s ride serenades him with “Plastic Jesus” and Ray tells a grateful Lena to stop watching Holt.  Donovan visits Ezra’s widow and retrieves the evidence he needs to blackmail Price.

Mr. Price is shaken as he listens  to his earlier confession and Ezra helping him to craft a statement.  Ray tells Price to force Holt to drop all the charges against the Russian.  Price complains that Ezra promised “this” would go away and never come back.  “Ezra’s dead,” Ray says as he leaves.

He gets a call about Hector Campos and Mickey’s ride pushes the eldest Donovan into having sex to get to L.A.

Campos  overdoses and after he and Marisol have sex, Hector collapses. Marisol calls Ray and he revives her brother. Lena visits Abby with her ex; a breast cancer specialist, at her bosses behest and Abby is initially resistant.

Mickey stops by the gym to a hostile  reception from Daryll and he tries to talk his son into the $4 million retrieval deal. Theresa is not pleased to see Mickey at all and she refuses to get Maria. Mickey leaves without seeing his granddaughter.

Daryll tells Ray that Mickey is back in town and that he stopped by the Fite Club. He also mentions the money.  Theresa tells Bunchy that she wants to move back to Bakersfield to be with her people.

Terry tracks down the kid that Daryll almost shot and talks him into returning to the gym.

Abney Coleman as Ronnie Price

Price arrives at Holt’s place, which is still under surveillance and as Ray and Avi watch, Price confesses to the old crime rather than do as he was told.  Ronnie starts out well but then loses his focus and reveals that he murdered his wife.

Ray now has to come up with a plan ‘B.’  He asks Avi to see if anyone was arrested for the green horseshoe robbery and Avi tells Ray that the heist is legitimate and no one has been arrested.

Donovan heads to the batting cage and Mickey talks Bunchy into helping him get the money from the Indian.  He offers him $200K.

After batting a few balls  around, Ray tells Avi that they should get rid of Kovitzky. He changes his mind when he sees the skateboard girl’s Federal Boobie Inspector shirt; it says FBI on the back and he decides to visit Ed Cochran.

Abby is talked into getting her cancer treated by Lena’s ex at at the strip club.

Ray goes to a karaoke bar where the former FBI agent Ed   hangs out. The two talk about Canadian rock groups and Cochran comes up with a criminal with more PR value than Belikov.   He says that Holt will trade the Russian and it will cost Ray $2 million. Ed also forces Ray to sing Bob Seger at the karaoke bar.

At the Fite Club, Ray tells Bunchy he is not helping Mickey. After some initial resistance Bunchy leaves.  Mickey and Ray talk about the money and “the indian” as well as Pinkie, who Mickey calls an “inbred desert rat.”

Ray tells Mickey that he will pick him up and his father is stunned that Ray is going to help. Donovan goes home and tells Abby he does not want her to die.  She tells him about feeling the doctor’s “tits” and kissing her on the mouth. Ray says, “Well that plan sure backfired.”

Abby and Ray share a moment and after they kiss, the couple sing Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight.”

Apart from the rather surprising Natalie Wood connection at the start of the episode, “Federal Boobie Inspector” continues to have Ray busily trying to save his family. It featured the return of Marisol, and it looks like she and Hector will be together despite his best intentions earlier.

Lisa Bonet as Marisol and Ismael Cruz Cordova as Hector

Ray is desperate this week, so much so that he almost okay’d killing Kovitzky, and now he will work with Mickey to get that $4 million.  Next week looks to be quite fraught as  both Ray and Mickey appear to get in over their heads.

(By the way, did anyone else notice that Waller’s driver appeared to be Welsh actor Richard Brake?)

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime.  Do not miss this brilliant drama.


Special Guests  – Embeth Davidtz as Sonia Kovitzky and Hank Azaria as Ed Cochran. 

Ray Donovan: Marisol – Consequences (Recap & Review)


Last week’s shock revelation that Hector’s half-sister Marisol began having sex with him when he was 13 has consequences in this episode of Ray Donovan. The main storyline has the drugged up half-sibling ready to “spill the beans” on national television about her lurid past.  Mickey is being held by Detective Muncie and Ray has to cut a deal to get him out of trouble again.

Abby has her purse stolen and Terry tries to get it back. The purse snatcher beats Terry up and leaves with the designer handbag.

The main story in “Marisol” is about the half-brother, half-sister incest  and Ray keeping Hector’s sister from telling the world before his big fight.  Hector is desperate to keep his past a secret.  Just the strain of Marisol attempting to reveal their sexual relations has him losing focus.

Campos insists that Ray stop Marisol. Lena (Katherine Moenniggoes to the studio where Hector’s sister waits to go on camera. Wearing a lanyard she lures Marisol down the hall for a sound test. Once there the addict sees Ray. Turning,  Marisol punches Lena in the nose and makes a run for it.

The drug addict puts up quite a fight and after she kicks Ray in the crotch, Lena comes up and tases Marisol. “You didn’t have to do that,” Ray says. “Yes I did,” responds Lena. They take the unconscious woman to Ray’s apartment and Donovan goes to see Muncie.

He promises the detective that he will get her Ivan Belikov (Pasha D. Lychnikoff) if she drops the charges against Mickey.  Donovan asks for one day and promises to deliver both Ivan and  the evidence she needs to take the Russian down for the Minassian murders.  Father Romero (Leland Orser) approaches Ray about Marisol and tells him what he and Hector are doing is wrong. 

Ray approaches Belikov in the sauna and they talk about the fight. In the parking lot Donovan overpowers Ivan and puts him in the car trunk. Ray calls Avi and tells him again to get the guns used in the Minassian shoot out.  Avi is not keen to provide the guns and Ray puts Belikov in Avi’s storage room.

Avi (Steven Bauerdelivers the guns.

Bunchy and Teresa (Alyssa Diaz) are having problems. Her libido is sky-high and Bunch is having a hard time keeping up. Abby (Paula Malcomson) suggests that he get her a sex toy. She takes Bunchy to pick one out.

Ray and Avi deliver Belikov and the guns to Muncie. She takes the deal and releases Mickey (Jon Voight). Bunchy returns to the gym and sees the same man talking to Teresa from the day before. He confronts the man and drops the “toy.” Despite this things end up okay between Bunchy  and his pregnant wife.

Ray sends Mickey to Las Vegas. Before he gets on the bus, Mickey tries to interest Ray in the $4 million at The Green Horseshoe.

Terry recovers Abby’s purse from a young girl walking down the street with it draped over her shoulder.  They force her to call her boyfriend to bring back the contents.  The boy does and everything, including the tickets to the Campos fight are there. Terry recruits the kid to come train as a boxer and gives him a ticket to the fight.

Lisa Bonet as Marisol and Katherine Moennig as Lena

Earlier Marisol is offered $25K a month if she goes to rehab as well as dropping her story. She refuses.  Lena babysits the addict until Ray comes back and gives the woman a statement to read. This one states that she was lying about having sex with her brother.

Marisol reads the statement and then throws herself out of Ray’s car afterward. She gives Donovan the slip and begins texting Hector saying she is going to kill herself.

Father Romero threatens Ray about his actions as  Mickey heads back to Las Vegas. The Donovan family watch  Campos comes unstuck and lose the fight.  Ray watches the fight alone and he looks on with a tired gaze as Hector is knocked out.

In “Marisol” Ray Donovan is busier than the  energizer bunny.  Rushing to grab Hector’s half-sister, heading to meet with Muncie and then kidnapping Belikov and getting the evidence to  convict him.  Donovan is nothing if not wickedly resourceful. The vitamin B-12 bill for the Donovan household must be astronomical.

Abby is still avoiding her cancer surgery (she is also l keeping the news about her cancer a secret from everyone) and Bridget (Kerris Dorseyis cautiously  heading back home.  Terry’s shaking is worse.

Ray Donovan continues to dance rings around the bad guys (and the cops) in LA.  It was interesting that he had to “blackmail” Avi to come up with the guns needed for the Muncie deal.

All the actors were spot on, as usual, but mad props to Bonet for making her character as repugnant as possible. The dragged through the dirt look and tawdry mannerisms did not hide the tragedy behind Marisol’s upbringing. She too was taught about sex at 13…By her father.

Kudos to Leland Orser for making Father Romero more than a “father figure.” He manages to imbue his character with enough unpleasantness to  come over as very unlikeable, despite his “saving” Ray earlier.

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime. Tune in and do not miss the best drama on television.


Bill Cosby: Sex Assault Accusations that Refuse to Die

Bill Cosby performing onstage
Bill Cosby has had more sexual assault allegations brought up and it seems that this story is one that refuses to die. On Facebook when one clicks the trend bar, Cosby is number one on the list that appears. While the entertainer may continue to perform to a dwindling amount of devout fans, the women who claim he drugged and assualted them grows.

Read the restive this racial at Viral Global News…