America’s Got Talent: Week 5 – Simon Cowell Stands for the Queen (Review)

 America's Got Talent - Season 11

Week five of America’s Got Talent  started out on a humorous note with an 18 year old homeschool graduate singing his own composition to rapturous applause and ended with Simon Cowell standing for the Queen. Or more accurately for a male  singer who did a cover of the Queen classic “Somebody to Love.” The final act of the evening was proof positive that there really is talent in “them thar hills” just waiting to be discovered.

The first act of the evening was Ryan Beard. The  young man combined “sit-down” comedy with playing the piano and singing a funny song about being home schooled.  All the judges were impressed as was the audience. Simon even told  the young man he would never forget his audition.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Ryan Beard

Thankfully, this week did not have as many of the weird and wonderful acts from weeks past. No one slinging weights around with their sinuses or picking up heavy objects with their nipples. One man came out and devoured a dog food hamburger dipped in bile, which was revolting. In terms of shoving sharp objects in things, there was Dan Meyer, a 59 year old sword swallower who pulled  a car with the sword in his throat.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Dan Meyer

While previous weeks belonged to the youngsters, week five of the auditions belonged to the mid 50 contestants.  Not in number but in acts that pleased. Each entertained but it was 54 year old Las Vegas denizen Christopher with his full-sized plastic puppets that had the crowd singing along.

Dressed as a Native American Christopher came on, to everyone’s delight, as the Village People. He synced, as did his  puppets, and they all danced and re-created the moves to “YMCA.” Apart from being a real show stopper Christopher also got a standing ovation and four yes votes. He promised to do something even bigger the next time.

America's Got Talent - Season 11

There were two youngsters; a brother and sister magic act. The children were 10 and 8 years old and the lad cut his sister in half. The Rockets, Kadan and Nicole were brilliant. The trick was more than impressive as  Nicole was shown in two pieces without a box or any other object obscuring the view.

Another dog act was passed through this week with homeless contestant, and OCD sufferer,  Pato and his dog Ginger.  The talented pooch rode a scooter and stood on a tight wire as part of this act and the audience were enthralled. So too were the judges who gave the act four thumbs up.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Pato and Ginger

14 year old self- taught contortionist Sofie Dossi came on and wowed everyone. Her father made her props and the talented girl ended with a “Katniss Everdeen” Hunger Games style  bow and arrow display. Only this Katniss performed the trick with her feet.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Sofie Dossi

It would have been nice to see more of the Arkansas choir that only got a snippet of air time. They sounded inspirational and impressive. They were certainly good enough that the judges all voted them through.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
The Gloryland Pastor’s Choir.

Two backup singers, The Smiths; a married couple,  knocked it out of the park with their duet. Singing a cover of the great Aretha Franklin’s “You’re All I Need to Get By” the couple killed it.

America's Got Talent = Season 11
The Smiths

After an interlude of clowns, all of whom were buzzed off by Simon, who has a severe dislike of clowns, things progressed until there  was one act left.

Brian Justin Crum came out and told his story. Bullied as  child for being fat and gay, the young man worked to lose the weight and followed his dream to sing. The performer knocked it right out of the park and got a standing ovation after his rendition of  Queen’s hit “Somebody to Love.” Even Simon stood to applaud the young man’s skill.

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Brian Justin Crum

The talent level of this year’s America’s Got Talent is high and the acts varied.  So far in week five there have been a number of entertainers who have impressed the judges and the crowd. Last night another acrobatic act wowed the audience as well as a knife throwing act.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays on NBC. Tune in and enjoy the talent on offer. For those who missed the performances there are a few videos below. A nice mix of what was on offer. Enjoy.

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