The Mindy Project: Freedom Tower Women’s Health – Jody (Review)

Osha Roquemore as Tamra

The last few episodes of The Mindy Project have not been kind to Dr.Jody Kimball-Kinney.  Last week,  after admitting he slept with his sister-in-law,  Jody was smacked in the face by his brother. This week in “Freedom Tower Women’s Health” his troubles escalate, while he attempts to get together with Mindy.

In the previous episode, Dr. Lahiri broke up with her football coach boyfriend (Jay R. Ferguson) and her son lost out on becoming a  star after Mindy’s actions got Leo fired. Jody stopped by to offer commiserations and the two kissed. 

After the romantic smooch, Mindy apologizes and Jody goes to break up with Courtney.  This goes awkwardly as she believes that Jody means to propose to her.  He gives up and later Courtney arrives at work furious. Her boyfriend has given her Chlamydia and Courtney confronts him in his office.

After her shock announcement Jody breaks up with her, or vice versa as she throws his drink in his face. Then  to add insult to injury  Courtney tells the reception area that  Jody gave her Chlamydia. Kimball-Kinney, via text message,  then informs Mindy that he and Courtney have broken up.

She insists they go out immediately but Jody suggests waiting for 7 – 10 days, giving the antibiotics a chance to work.  Mindy declines the wait.  After their meal she forces him to go upstairs to be ravaged. Meanwhile, Morgan and Jeremy go to see Danny about his edict that Mindy cannot date.

The two men meet with Danny and his girlfriend, Sarah. She has issues with Mindy as Danny still apparently has feelings for the mother of his child.  Sarah meets with Dr. Lahiri and after they  talk for a bit, Danny’s fiancee realizes that Mindy is clearly over  her intended.

Morgan goes back to see Danny and insists that he tell Mindy that he is engaged to Sarah. He also texts his boss to tell her that Jody has Chlamydia. This ends the evening of fun that Mindy had planned as Jody will not mention the STD until Mindy prompts him. She kicks him out of her apartment.

As usual The Mindy Project offered up some splendid bits of comedy.  Courtney storming through the office and tossing the drink in Jody’s face was funny. The entire STD thing, where she tells the world that Kimball-Kenney gave it to her,  is hilarious yet cringeworthy.

The reactions of his staff, especially Tamra, was equally funny and the text gag was brilliant. (After  Kemball-Kenney admits to having the STD he asks the staff to tell no one. The two women decide this does not include texting and they begin to type.) Jody’s increasingly desperate search for a condom at Mindy’s place was spot on right up to and including the banana and sandwich bag moment.

Garret Dillahunt does comedy brilliantly and his delivery in this episode was spot on. Mindy Kaling is, as usual, excellent as the sexually focussed ob-gyn and single mother. As Dr. Lahiri,  Kaling knocks it out the park weekly. She manages to convey  a certain amount of eccentricity along with her ability to turn every thought she has into sex.

Sadly, it appears that Jody’s reluctance to reveal his STD status to Mindy may have shot down this blooming romance and sexual pursuit in its first stages.  As she kicks Jody out of her apartment, she says, with disappointment and a bit of anger, “I liked you too.”

It appears that Dr. Kimball-Keney may have spoilt his chances with Mindy full stop.

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays on Hulu.

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