Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life: Episode 6 (Review)

It is nigh on impossible not to love a show that features the line, “Cooper, your apartment is killing my lady boner.” Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, episode 6 features this line minutes into the start of How to Survive Your Horrible Landlord.


It is nigh on impossible not to love a show that features the line, “Cooper, your apartment is killing my lady boner.” Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, episode 6 features this line minutes into the start of How to Survive Your Horrible Landlord.  On top of being one of the funniest comments to air on television this week, it was also uttered by the delectably adept actress Meaghan Rath who is perfectly cast as “the girl next door.”

Since the first episode, the chemistry between Rath and Jack Cutmore-Scott has been electric. In this FOX comedy of 20 something’s learning about love, life and what not to do, Kelly and Cooper are more “when they” rather than will they. Although be the end of this episode they still have yet to really commit, we know that was a sizzling second kiss.

Still, How to Survive Your Horrible Landlord was not all about the sexual tension between neighbors.  It was about boundaries; like not giving up your buddy’s pet pig for a shower, reading your lease and (ultimately) it was all about saving James Franco…the pet pig.

At the start of the episode both Cooper and Kelly are looking at certain death, atop a free-wheeling out of control animal trailer. “Earlier,” the two are, once again, fighting their mutual attraction. As the temperature heats up between the two, they end up in Barrett’s apartment. Standing next to an apartment wall, they move in for a clinch and kiss when Kelly shouts about something on her leg.

It is James Franco. Later Barry and Neal return to further spoil the mood. As Kelly complains about the death of her “lady boner” a giant spruce tree smashes through the apartment wall.  The rest of the show deals with the three men trying to force the landlord Virgil, into fixing the apartment, Kelly having her water shut off and Virgil (Marshall Maneshshooting through the floor to “kill” an amplifier.

There is also allusions to the first episode where the lad’s 64 inch flat screen telly goes missing, after their house warming party, and it transpires that Virgil has it. When the three go to complain about the giant tree in their apartment, they find that the landlord has Neal’s custom made earphones and Barry’s “Santa Claus” shirt.

Negotiations take place where Vigil states he will only fix the apartment, and turn Kelly’s water back on,  if James Franco leaves or Kelly swaps apartments with him, her place is three times the size of the landlords place.

Cooper and his roommates hide the pig at big brother Josh’s place. This temporary solution ends before repairs can be finished as Leslie  (Liza Lapira) tells Josh (Justin Bartha)  that there will be no sex till the pig is gone. 

Leslie says Jame Franco must go.

Josh brings Franco back, explaining about the sex issue and says, as he leaves the apartment, “it is what it is.”  Virgil stops repairs immediately. Kelly then takes the pig to a petting zoo and only tells Cooper after the fact. The apartment is repaired and Kelly’s water turned back on.

Barrett cannot get over her betrayal and full of guilt and remorse, Kelly goes to get James Franco back. A horrified Kelly learns that the pig has been sent to the butchers and she grabs Barry, Neal, Josh and Cooper to save James Franco.

On the way to save Franco, the group see the trailer with the pig at a  roadside shop. They stop and while Barry and Neal distract the driver  Kelly and Cooper re-attach the trailer to Josh’s vehicle.

And…this is where we came in. The loose trailer, that came off Josh’s car because it was hooked up incorrectly, with Kelly and Cooper on top, headed for a oncoming  semi.  After a commercial break, we come back to see Barrett with a bandage on his forehead and asking if “she” is all right.

The she is not Kelly, but James Franco who is really Jane Franco. The female pig has given birth to a litter of little Franco’s.  As Kelly cuddles one, she and Cooper get an idea on how to make Virgil a better landlord and give him one of the piglets.

At the end of the episode, Leslie discovers a group of piglets in the bed and threatens Josh with no sex forever. Kelly and Barrett kiss again and despite their protestations, we know it was hot.

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life is the most fun you can have on television reliving the over-confidence and reckless abandon of your early 20s. It also has the addictive Meaghan Rath playing a woman that we would all love to live next door to.

The series airs Sundays on FOX. Tune in laugh a lot and fall in love with Rath a little…

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