Quantico: Alex – Standing Alone (Recap/Review)

After the events of the last episode of Quantico, where Elias Harper fell to his death and the FBI command center blew up injuring and killing a lot of the staff, including Caleb’s father (who was also sleeping with Wyatt).


After the events of the last episode of Quantico, where Elias Harper fell to his death and the FBI command center blew up injuring and killing a lot of the staff, including Caleb’s father (who was also sleeping with Wyatt) things have moved on. This week, Alex is facing a committee and testifying that she believes Harper was not acting alone. Parrish is the only member of the FBI who believes this and she faces opposition from every avenue.

Flashing back to Quantico and  the second half of their training, Alex and Shelby are struggling during P.T. and they decide to focus. Alex reveals that she has not spoked to Booth and Wyatt complains that bumping into her “ex” Caleb all the time is distracting.

As the trainees head toward their next lesson, they learn that the class above them will be competing with them over the next week. Liam O’Connor calls the completion their version of “Color Wars.”

The winning team choses five class members to send home from the loosing class. Parrish’s class must also compete in day-to-day assignments, things that include physical training and hand-to-hand combat. As each team works hard to defeat the other class, it ends in a tie with both classes meeting in a Hogan’s Alley hostage situation.

The competition does not go well for Alex’s class and they lose. The upper class “cheats” and Parrish, Wyatt and her classmates react badly. As a result, only three members of Alex’s class are sent home and two from the upper class are eliminated as a penalty for cheating.

Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) then tells all the trainees that they will be working together for the rest of the course.

In the present, Alex continues to search for whoever was behind Elias Harper, who she believes was the scapegoat and not ultimately responsible. While there are many who are starting to support her ideas, her colleagues are all fighting her version of events.

Shelby Wyatt is, once again, angry with Alex as Caleb’s father is dead and her affair became public knowledge. Wyatt tells Alex she had to move back to Georgia to escape the paparazzi and that it is Parrish’s fault. Miranda’s son Charlie  is an uncooperative witness who does not want to talk to the authorities.

As the hearings continue, an old colleague of Alex’s; Duncan Howe, kills himself.  Just before jumping off a bridge, he tells the plainclothes cops to tell Alex what he said. Later it is revealed that Duncan told Parrish, via the policemen,  “he thought he didn’t have a choice.”


Back at Quantico, the competing class members are antagonistic and spend much time playing mind games to put the other team off.

Alex testifies to the committee that she has changed her mind and no longer believes that Elias was a fall guy. Her colleagues are angry and Ryan angrily tells her that he is upset that she lied under oath.  Charlie finally talks about his experience but he does not know much.

After Parrish reverses her testimony, she gets harassing phone calls. One, however, is a scrambled call that appear to confirm her real suspicions and when she follows directions given by the caller she finds a familiar face waiting  for her.

Another storyline this week deals with Shelby Wyatt and Caleb being approached by the husband of  the con artist, who claimed to be Wyatt’s half-sister, and the man says she has been kidnapped.

By the time Quantico: Alex ends, the FBI agent is well and truly alone, except for her colleague who has mysteriously turned up. Parrish (Chopra) has all the people who helped her previously turn against her.

Mrs. Haas (Marcia Cross) looks neither pleased nor displeased at Alex’s change of testimony at the hearing.  One thing is certain though  Alex was right all along. Will anyone listen to her now?


Quantico airs Sundays on ABC.  The series has finally hit its stride and continues to pile on the questions and mystery. The show does have a cast who all look like they stepped from the pages of “Vogue” or “GQ” but the storyline is interesting enough to make that a secondary concern. Tune in and see some solid acting from some beautiful people.


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