Heroes Reborn: Sundae Bloody Sundae (Review)

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

While the scales may be lifted from Tommy’s eyes in Sundae Bloody Sundae in Heroes Reborn this week, Noah’s butterfly bites him and his grandson in the buttocks with his surprise attack with sister Phoebe. Caspar (Pruitt Taylor Vince) is stopped not once but twice from doing his penny trick and then is killed by the madly murderous Joanne Collins (Judith Shekoni) and Malina (Danika Yarosh) witnesses the whole thing at the back of the ice cream shop.

Luke Collins (Zachary Levibonds with Malina over a sandwich and later he faces off  against his homicidal wife where he tries to save Emily Duval, Tommy’s girlfriend (played by Gatlin Green) and the twin steps in to stop time, saving Emily and Joanne. Grabbing his girl, the boy zaps out of the shop and over to Noah. 

Once there, he is met by Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski) and his “dark” sister Phoebe (Aisling Paul) where they take Tommy from Bennet.  Carlos Gutierrez (Ryan Guzman) and Dearing (Dylan Bruce) learn the deadly truth about Sunstone Manor and both men meet the director, an incredibly disturbing Matt Parkman, who dispenses punishments to match the two intruders’ “crimes.”

Erica Kravid’s daughter gets one step closer to finding “Hero Truther” and learns that her  mom has Micah Sanders,  the group’s leader. (The cute lad from season one of Heroes is all grown up now and his power has been harnessed by Kravid.)

As butterfly, Quentin Frady has changed from the uber geeky, and socially inept guy that Noah first knew to a pretty together chap who is not very nice at all. He works for Kravid now and Noah has an epiphany when Frady arrives to take his grandson to Erika.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1
Homicidal mom meets ice cream girlfriend…

At Sunstone Manor it is revealed how the director keeps the evos there, they really do not want to leave as Parkman (Greg Grunberg) shows each “inmate” what they want to see. For Carlos’ nephew, it is the real El Vengador (his father) who tells the boy that they will fight crime together. 

Gutierrez is put back into the “lie” where Farah Nazan played hero and laid the label on Carlos to hide her abilities.  The man is left in battle cringing and crying on the floor while phantoms fight all around him. Parkman nonchalantly eats his peanut butter and jelly sandwich while pondering his discovery in Carlos’ memory of Nazan.

As Tommy sets down to his “last supper” with Erica, the camera fades to black and comes back to focus on a butterfly moving across what looks to be dry lakebed. Miko Otomo, aka Katana Girl from Evernow (Kiki Sukezane) sits in silent contemplation on the same lakebed. The video game heroine opens her eyes from her solitary meditation and sees the butterfly has landed on her hand. 

The creature rises into the air and she follows it, the butterfly leads her to discover an encampment in the same dry and arid landscape.  A “9th Wonder” title informs the viewer that this is 7,957 years into the future.  Mohinder Suresh assures the audience that destiny remains as Miko looks back over her shoulder into the camera.

This episode show just how much of a “company man” Matt Parkman really is and the teaser for next week’s mid season finale makes it seem that Noah Bennet’s days are numbered.  Heroes Reborn continues to twist and turn and every time it seems to be very clear who the “big bad” is, another variable is dropped into the mix.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1
Matt Parkman director, company man…

Tim Kring’s series airs  Thursdays on NBC, tune in next week and see what cliff hanger awaits our heroes reborn.



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