The Walking Dead: So Long Emily Kinney and Moving On (Trailer)

The Walking Dead: So Long Emily Kinney and Moving On (Trailer)

So after a huge build up about the death of a major character in The Walking Dead season five was anyone really surprised that the show would be moving on and saying so long to Emily Kinney as Beth? Hints began back in season four when Beth was taken from Daryl after she gets out of the creepy walking dead filled funeral home in episode 13, Alone, her fate has been in question. Once season five started, it was revealed that she was in a hospital being held captive by the mentally screwed up Officer Dawn. Although to be honest, it looked like the girl was in danger of being beaten to death by the violence prone cop in charge before she was finally dispatched with a bullet to the head after stabbing Lerner with a pair of scissors in Sunday’s episode.

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5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: So Long Emily Kinney and Moving On (Trailer)”

  1. This season finale left me feeling wrecked with emotion. I screamed at my tv even though I knew deep down it was going to be Beth. Watching the Talking Dead was so heart wrenching as well as I’ve become so invested in these characters lives and think of them as family. 😊


    1. I agree! I kept thinking that Beth was going to be a goner after her kidnap and even then, when she was shot I was so upset. I adored her character as she had such a great arc and had grown so much on the show. I have to admit that I was very happy when Daryl put a bullet into Officer Dawn’s head!

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      1. I was screaming crying and wishing for that final closeure moment and when I saw Daryl’s face I knew it waa go time!!! Seeing him carrying Beth out to a waiting hopeful, then distraught Maggie had me perclemped for hours. I was a messy puddle of tears. Kudos to a fantastic team at AMC for a job well done. 😃


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