Black Friday Violence in United Kingdom

Black Friday Violence in United Kingdom

Black Friday violence erupted across the United Kingdom as Walmart-owned Asda stores promised huge savings on electronic goods and then limited purchases to one per family. This was not the only reason for the clashes between shoppers and staff at the retail outlets. Asda was offering up to 70 percent off on selected items and when the stores’ doors opened at 8 a.m. excited consumers stripped some shelves bare in two to three minutes.

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday Violence in United Kingdom”

  1. Amazing. If you want to see real animal behaviour just attend one of these things.
    Years ago McDonald’s had a hamburger special and I popped down to get one. The lineups at till were looonnng. As I’m standing there a girl in another line fainted and fell to the floor. Not one person near her moved to help her. They pretended they didn’t see her. My friend and I stepped from our line and went to help. After we made sure she was OK … we couldn’t get back in our line.
    We left. I vowed never to attend such events again. I don’t want to associate with people who act like animals.


    1. It is incredible the amount of people who will revert to savagery in order to get a “good deal” although, Christmas shopping is always a bit fraught. I remember years ago being in Woodland Hills Mall in LA. I was pushed violently into another, female, shopper. After apologising professedly, she turned to me and said, “you’re not from around here are you.” I said that I was not and she said, “I thought so, I’ve been here for a couple of hours and you are the first person who bumped into me who apologised.” Sad, but true…


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