Las Vegas Ambush Leaves Two Police Officers and Third Person Dead

Two Las Vegas police officers were allegedly shot dead at a pizza restaurant across the street from a Walmart outlet where a third person was also shot dead in an ambush that left three victim’s fatally injured at around 11:30 in the morning. Investigators at the crime scene said that witnesses to the incident claim that one of the shooters shouted out that “this is a revolution,” or “this is the beginning of the revolution” before opening fire at the two officers at point blank range.

Black Friday Violence in United Kingdom

Black Friday Violence in United Kingdom

Black Friday violence erupted across the United Kingdom as Walmart-owned Asda stores promised huge savings on electronic goods and then limited purchases to one per family. This was not the only reason for the clashes between shoppers and staff at the retail outlets. Asda was offering up to 70 percent off on selected items and when the stores’ doors opened at 8 a.m. excited consumers stripped some shelves bare in two to three minutes.

Black Friday PS4 Launch Starts in United Kingdom at Midnight

Black Friday PS4 Launch Starts in United Kingdom at Midnight

Like many other American “traditions” Black Friday has come to the United Kingdom and the PS4 Launch started at midnight in Game stores across the country coinciding with the “new” marketing tradition. While many publications in the UK have questioned the wisdom of English retailers aping American stores and their “official” Christmas shopping period, gamers came out in force Thursday night to line up for the Sony next gen console launch.


Black Friday Strike Coming to a Walmart Near You

Black Friday Strike Coming to a Walmart Near You

With Black Friday just around the corner, Walmart workers have already started the groundwork for yet another strike at a Walmart near you. November 29 is this years Black Friday and store associates have planned another day of disruption and stoppages for the company. Walmart is not alone in the fight for fair wages. Other retail chains have joined the fight, including Target, Best Buy and Macy’s.


GTA 5 Walmart Family Fight for Last Game (Video) Warning: This video contains scenes of violence

GTA 5 Walmart Family Fight for Last Game (Video) Warning: This video contains scenes of violence

While the debate continues about whether or not playing violent video games causes the players to be more violent in real life, it looks as though just purchasing a copy of GTA 5 can lead to violence. In a video posted on YouTube, a man and his son, in fact their whole family, fight for the last copy of the game in Walmart.