Sophia Stewart Wins Matrix and Terminator Decision

Sophia Stewart Wins Matrix and Terminator Decision

A billion dollar settlement has been awarded to Ms Stewart who was suing for plagiarism.

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5 thoughts on “Sophia Stewart Wins Matrix and Terminator Decision”

  1. Urban legend 983.

    We’ve all been fooled by a few.

    Most anything – and everything – we read – anywhere – can be fabricated, inaccurate, misinterpreted, outright lies, disinformation, misinformation, incomplete, propaganda, slanted, skewed, altered, mangled, manipulated, spindled, spin doctored … or spin dried.

    We really don’t know anything unless we have directly and personally experience it for ourself.

    Example: if I go down to the library and read 800 books on baseball, would I then be able to play for the Yankees? Why not? I’d know what baseball is, wouldn’t I?

    Of course not. All my supposed knowledge of baseball would be mere head knowledge – nearly worthless compared to actually playing the game.

    And it takes many years of devoted practice and dedication โ€“ not to mention a degree of talent to make it to the Bigs … in most anything.

    And even then, thereโ€™s no guarantee we would make it. But at least we might be qualified to say we have some idea what baseball really is.


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