Remember the Sophia Stewart Story? Well…

Remember the Sophia Stewart Story? Well…

Rather sadly, the story that I linked yesterday is not true. Read on…

The AfricanGlobe has printed a “clarifying” article retracting its early information.

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6 thoughts on “Remember the Sophia Stewart Story? Well…”

  1. its ok.

    we all get nailed by this stuff. and fortunately most of it is pretty harmless.

    I recently was sent a similar story by a friend. i bought it and sent it to all my family and friends .. and recieved some curt replies. the story was bogus. i felt like an idiot. i didnt think that i would fall for something like that – at this late date.

    ive also posted stuff on my own blog that was complete bs – and had to remove or revise it – though it had been there for quite a while. but it had looked like credible information from credible sources. i had been duped into propagating disinformation.

    again, most of this stuff is pretty harmless, but …

    carry on friend.


    1. It is annoying, and one of those, “If it ain’t true, it should be” categories. Plus, it was shared by someone, I thought knew what they were sharing. A real face-palm moment! LOL


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