Quorn Korma Another Healthy Heart Meal

So last night we had Quorn Korma. It was, as expected, delicious. I can also point out that it was easier to make than our usual chicken korma. I did not have to cut anything into small pieces apart from the mushroom that is a staple ingredient of most of our favorite dishes.

Quorn Korma. YUM

Admittedly it tasted much better than it looks in the picture. After I had taken a couple of snaps of the finished product, my daughter Meg looked at the pictures and said flatly, “It looks like dogfood.”

After surveying the pictures for a moment I had to agree, but to me it looked like more than dogfood. It looked like dogfood on rice.

This is so easy to make that you don’t really need a recipe unless you want to make the whole mess from scratch. We will be attempting a “curry” type dish from scratch later, but for now we took the easy way out.

The ingredients are simple. Well, simple if you live in the UK. We took one jar of Tesco’s finest Korma cooking sauce, –which is probably chock full of all kinds of heart attack inducing ingredients, but hey, we wanted to see what it would taste like– some mushrooms, –organic is you want to be really healthy–  and rice.

While we cooked the Quorn fake chicken in the korma sauce with our added mushrooms, we made the rice. In roughly 15 – 20 minutes the meal was made, dished up and put on the table.

It’s funny how differently you see things after you’ve had a “near death” experience. Before my tremendously exciting eventful day on the 30th of August this year I could not understand why anyone would prefer a meat substitute for the real deal.

Like Meg, I was of the opinion that Quorn, or products like it, was a sort of westernized Tofu. A strange sort of soybean curd thing that took the flavour of whatever it was cooked with.


The stuff isn’t made from soybean and it doesn’t absorb the flavour of what you cook it with.

The other opinion we share was our misunderstanding of why people would become vegetarians but still want meat flavoured substitutes. After the necessary changes to my diet, we can both now understand why. We are both eating healthier but are not having to live without “meat.”

So we now have a better understanding of vegetarians. The same cannot be said of Vegans. These rather eclectic “holier than thou” food snobs are completely beyond me.

Back to the recipe for a minute, I am sure that wherever you live a sort of cooking sauce exists that can be used instead of our Tesco’s finest korma sauce.

We are continuing our excursion into healthy eating the Quorn way. We are still experimenting with other vegetable type dishes and it’s on the calendar for us to attempt to do “homemade” sushi.

I will point out that I do still miss my meat, but I don’t miss the grease and the after-smell. Tonight, if the store has any, we will be trying the Quorn bacon in one of our favourite dishes.

It remains to be seen if this fungi bacon will satisfy my craving for the crisp real bacon that I adore. But, like all the other “new dishes” we’ve tried since my heart attack, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

On a completely different note, I will be putting my grimacing mug at the top of all my blog posts for awhile. Since my problem with the thumbnails the other day, I’ve had the odd person say that they liked my picture on the top. So until a lot of people complain at my apparent narcissistic tendencies, I’ll leave it up as my blog posts “calling card.”

Who is that handsome man??

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14 thoughts on “Quorn Korma Another Healthy Heart Meal”

  1. Linda McCartney vegeterian product are quite good you should try them. They should be quite easy to find since you live in the UK


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve stayed away from McCartney’s vegetarian products because they are (as far as I know and their web site ain’t sayin’) made up of cereals and soybean and tailored towards those of the Vegan bent. That’s not to say I won’t give them a whirl, but the other thing against using their products is the cost…a bit dear. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and for the lovely suggestion. Cheers mate!!


    1. If you look on the Chilli Con Korma post there’s an actual definition of Quorn about mid way down the post. But basically it’s a meat flavored meat substitute made from fungi. LOL


  2. Gotta say the final pic made me laugh out loud too :>
    Great post mike, I’m fascinated by fake meat. I’ve never tried it but think that flesh must be a difficult thing to mimic in the food world… any world for that matter


  3. Gotta be honest, each of these ‘heart healthy’ dishes sound pretty good, even if this one does look like dogfood on rice. 😉 I’m glad they’re working for you, Mike! And by the way, nice touch with the pic of Narcissus at the end– I had a laugh! Also, your ‘mean face’ gives Eastwood a run for his money. xD


  4. If you like mild curries, you could try a coconut curry with Quorn pieces. Just fry onion and garlic, add curry powder to taste and fry for a minute or two longer. Stir in a spoon of flour and some salt and pepper. Add coconut milk and some vegetable stock and stir until thickened. Add a handful of raisins, or you could put in peas or spinach for a bit of colour. Add the Quorn pieces and bake in the oven in a casserole dish or pan covered with foil until piping hot. Serve with rice and naan bread to soak up that lovely sauce!


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