Justin Bieber Fall from Grace a la Lindsay Lohan

Justin Bieber Fall from Grace a la Lindsay Lohan

It has finally happened, after all the buildup Justin Bieber has had a fall from grace a la Lindsay Lohan. Of course it could be considered more correct to say a la Britney Spears, but, it would not be as accurate. Spears had her meltdown in glorious technicolor for all the world to see, while Lohan did most of her downhill slide in semi-private. Bieber and his downslide has been a very similar thing to Lohan’s, although, in his case he has been having a year-long meltdown which was caught, for the most part, via the world’s paparazzi.


Justin Bieber Penis Pictures for Sale

Justin Bieber Penis Pictures for Sale

TMZ has reported that a blaggard in the Justin Bieber camp has advertised the singer’s penis pictures for sale. This traitorous ne’er-do-well is claiming that he has text messages from the 19 year-old singer sent to Selena Gomez, whom he just recently got back together with and other un-named females. This same scoundrel is also advertising that he has pictures of the singer’s genitals as well.

Justin Bieber: Calabasas Cops Find Cocaine in Search

Justin Bieber: Calabasas Cops Find Cocaine in Search

Justin Bieber and his “egg-stra” activity on a neighbor’s house has led to the Calabasas cops finding cocaine in their search of the singer’s home. It now appears that all of Bieber’s chickens have come home to roost after the performer’s felonious assault on the house “next door” caused over $200,000 damage which in turn led to the search of Bieber’s home.


Paul Walker Daughter Meadow Goes to Justin Bieber Premiere

Paul Walker Daughter Meadow Goes to Justin Bieber Premiere

Paul Walker daughter Meadow has gone to the Justin Bieber film premiere for Believe. This marks the first time that the 15 year-old has been seen in public since her dad’s tragic demise on Nov. 30 this year. Meadow has been keeping a low profile and her family have been very protective of her since the death of her 40 year-old father.


Justin Bieber Delusions of Christ or Obi Wan Kenobi?

Justin Bieber Delusions of Christ or Obi Wan Kenobi?

The timing could not be more perfect, Justin Bieber announcing his retirement and then reassuring his “beliebers” that he will be around forever; is he suffering from delusions of being Christ or Obi Wan Kenobi. It could be a case of serendipitous coincidence, but, the Canadian pop star sending out such a mixed message at Christmas seems to smack of either a publicity garnering exercise for his upcoming film or delusions of an epic scale.