Michelle Rodriguez: Home Truths Hurt Amiga

Michelle Rodriguez photo op
Michelle Rodriguez, who has made a career out of playing ballsy women who say and do what they think, learned that home truths can hurt, eh amiga? When asked about the rumor that she was being considered for the part of Jessica Cruz in Green Lantern, she laughingly retorted that this was the “dumbest” thing she had ever heard.

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MTV Movie Awards Paying Tribute to Late Paul Walker

MTV Movie Awards Paying Tribute to Late Paul Walker

With Paul Walker’s film Brick Mansions opening nationwide on Friday, April 25 the timing is perfect for the MTV Movie Awards to pay tribute to the late actor. The president of MTV, Stephen Friedman, has said that Walker was a “role” model for the MTV audience. The 40 year-old actor struck a chord in the current generation of viewers and his too-early death last year became a media circus of fan grief and wild conspiracy theories about the star’s death.

Paul Walker Will Mystery Answered 25 Million to Daughter Meadow

Paul Walker Will Mystery Answered 25 Million to Daughter Meadow

Like the mystery of Paul Walker’s death the mystery of his will was answered on Tuesday by court documents which show that his $25 million estate goes to his daughter Meadow. When the popular star of the Fast & Furious franchise died on November 30, 2013 conspiracy theories filled the Internet with ideas of just how and why the 40 year-old actor had met his fiery end.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Paul Walker Revisited

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Paul Walker Revisited

Philip Seymour Hoffman and his untimely death has made headlines across the world and in the sense that the surprising news of his demise has stunned fans of actor, it feels almost like Paul Walker revisited. Both men were well known; Walker for the Fast & Furious film franchise and his philanthropic philosophy and Hoffman for his powerhouse acting skills. The news that Hoffman had been found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment with a needle in his arm, the apparent victim of an overdose, has shocked the Hollywood community.


Cody Walker Fake Facebook Page Not Confirmation of Fast & Furious 7 Casting

Cody Walker Fake Facebook Page Not Confirmation of Fast & Furious 7 Casting

While fans of Fast & Furious 7 were excited to hear Cody Walker alluding to his casting in the last Fast & Furious installment on his Facebook page, it turns out that the page is fake and is not confirmation of Walker’s stepping in for his late brother. The page, which was created on Dec. 16, 2013 is not verified and contains the cryptic short message that Cody will “see you soon” in F&F.