The Path: Why We Source – Pressure (Recap/Review)

Aaron Paul in The Path

The Path “Why We Source” increases the pressure on all the main players and at least one peripheral character gets thrown out of the movement. After Cal learns that a mole for the FBI  is in their midst he calls upon Abe, to help him sniff out the informer.

Sarah’s refusal to drop the water issue results in Hawk being arrested for domestic terrorism and Eddie comes to the rescue. Cal is not happy at this turn of events and later, when he asks Sarah about her meeting with Eddie she lies about her feelings.

In Juvenile Detention Hawk is accepted into another group of black inmates led by one of his cellmates. He also gets into a fight with a lad who crawls into his bunk.

Abe plants a burner phone in Shelby’s examination office to throw suspicion away from himself. It works brilliantly and the doctor is thrown out of the community.

Eddie gets together with Sarah to confront Libby, who will not return Sarah’s calls, and he puts DeKaan’s son Brendon on the phone to talk to her. This, and Sarah’s promise to stop testing the water, prompts the woman to drop the charges against Hawk.

Mary and Sean blackmail Cal into getting them a new fridge and the Meyerist leader learns that the baby Mary is carrying could be his. Sean is not, it seems, overly pleased with his part in the blackmail process and it seems that this action could have long term repercussions for the couple.

Cal lies to Richard, by omission, during the interrogations taking place in the movement. The pressure of his guilt, not just about the murder of Sarah’s mentor but of his writing the last three rungs of the Ladder, are taking their  toll on the leader.

Eddie and Sarah get together and have sex. Afterward they talk and he reveals that he is seeing Chloe. Sarah tells Eddie, when he asks, that she and Cal are not seeing one another. “I can’t see him that way,” she says.

Hawk is released from jail and when Eddie goes to meet him the teenager tells his father that they should have left him inside rather than call off the water testing.

Sarah goes to see the farmer with the sick cows. The man’s favorite cow is dying and he sticks the dying animal with a knife. The fluid that sprays over Sarah is black, not the color of blood at all. “It is poison,” says the farmer and Sarah screams her outrage as the scene fades to black.

Things are heating up in The Path. Abe shows that he believes the entire group to be corrupt. He also reveals to his boss that he wants to win. He cold-bloodedly sacrifices the movement’s medico in order to protect his cover and it seems clear at this point that he will do whatever is necessary to put Cal and Sarah away.

Eddie and Sarah’s continued contact will not end well for either of them. Sarah, who is already in a position of authority, much to Richard’s chagrin, will be punished severely she and Eddie do not stop breaking the group’s rules.

Cal is under the most suspicion and pressure, Kodiak is certain that their leader killed Steve, and when he breaks someone else could die, just as Silas did.

The Path airs Wednesdays on Hulu. As the second season progresses the movement is faltering without its comatose leader. Tune in and see what happens next to the cult of the light.


Guest starring Allison Layman as Shelby and Molly Price as Libby DeKaan

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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