The Mick: The Mess – Tough Love a’la Michael Myers (Review)


This week’s episode of The Mick “The Mess” sees things come to a head between Mickey and her sister’s kids. The house is a tip, aka a mess, and no one is cleaning anything up, including Alba who is the family’s housekeeper.

Mickey attempts to take control and lay down the law but she is thwarted by a concerted effort by all three kids. When she forces them to clean the house, they put all the rubbish in Mickey’s bedroom and lock her, and Alba, in the crowded room.

Mickey retaliates with some tough love, a’la Michale Myers (in Halloween) and flings herself out of the bedroom window. She lands on the roof of the car, which Jimmy – who sells Mickey out to party hardy at the Malone’s – is driving.

This act of horror-film superhuman power freaks everyone inside the car out but not enough to keep them from going to the “party of the year.”

Thomas Barbusca as Chip.

Mickey is flung off the car and after coming to a rolling stop, sits up. Chip is more than impressed as the car full of fleeing family members all agree that the woman is indestructible. Later, at the Malone’s party, Mickey shows up.

With blood on her face and torn clothes, she coldly goes through the party to find the insubordinate kids. First, however, she stomps on Jimmy’s hands after she kicks the chair out from under him. She then grabs Chip, Sabrina and Ben.

While she searches for the missing kids, Alba heads in the other direction to help. She stumbles into a room full of kids and a blue bong. After a hit or more, Alba then shows off her amazing musical pipes by singing “The Lion Sleeps tonight.”

This was an episode highlight, watch this clip and see if you agree:

Throughout the episode Mickey fights for control and even loses Ben, her little buddy, to the “dark side.”  Alba tells her that all the kids went from sweet to evil around the same age. She recommends that Mickey punish them all but especially Ben as he has not changed completely.

Sadly, the youngest child’s older siblings bully him into attending the party and turn him against Mickey. Later, at the party, she and Ben get into a shouting match with the youngster yelling out “Screw you!”

The result is an impromptu spanking in front of everyone. The party goers and the rest of the family, including the injured Jimmy, are aghast.

After everyone returns home, Mickey apologizes and offers to take them all out for a meal. Instead she leaves the lot in the middle of nowhere, takes their mobile phones and tells them to make their own way home.

When the kids return, they grab cleaning utensils and Ben gives Mickey a hug before grabbing a mop and joining Sabrina and Chip in cleaning the house.

Jack Stanton and Kaitlin Olson “Screw you!”

The Mick just gets better and better. The horror film look of a bloody and determined Mickey stalking the kids at the party was just brilliant. Once again the humor was very un-pc – the spanking would have given most new parents palpitations – but it followed the storyline.

Earlier, when Alba mentions punishment to Aunt Mickey, she is against the idea. “There is no punishment in this house,” Mickey declares stoutly. Later, when she loses to the three brats who have locked her into the room with all the clutter, she flips her lid and goes after them like Michael Myers sans the James T. Kirk Halloween mask.

After a huge open, where the pilot received over 8.5 million views, the series has settled down to a nice 3.6 million average. While not packing them in, the show is doing well enough against the competition to at least garner half a nod to a second season.

Thomas Barbusca and Carla Jimenez continue to tie for the MVP award on this show although Kaitlin Olson earns major kudos for her performance in this episode.  It should also be pointed out that this ensemble cast is working like a well oiled comedy machine with everyone bringing something to the table.

The Mick airs Tuesdays on FOX and it the funniest non-pc comedy on television. Stop by and check it out on the night or later on VOD or Hulu. It is well worth the trip.


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One thought on “The Mick: The Mess – Tough Love a’la Michael Myers (Review)”

  1. I agree, this show is consitantly hilarious and underappreciated. About the horror, it looks like Jimmy was actually playing some “Edward 40 Hands” where you duct tape a 40 oz bottle to each hand and cant remove them until they are finished. Never played it myself, but an excellent little party game reference to ridiculously put Jimmy in the worst possible situation as Mickey crushes broken glass into his hands to extract information and a little revenge. Hardcore. Actually, a great thing about this series is it not taking consistancy overly serious. In one episode everyones’ favorite pasttime is chainsmoking cigarettes and in another the house is a total pigsty. You just go along with it. Sounds like it wouldnt work but its another nice touch to an already excellent show.


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