Face Off: All Stars ‘Snow Queens’ – Snowflakes (Review)

Face Off - Season 11

This week’s challenge borrows from “Narnia” and “Once Upon a Time” to present a theme of Snow Queens. The Face Off All Stars come to the lab to find that while it may not rain in Southern California, it can snow. At least with the aid of McKenzie Westmore and the magic of Hollywood.

The group are pretty excited by the snow, some of them, like Emily Serpico have never seen the white stuff in real life so feelings were pretty amped even before McKenzie dropped the challenge on the group. She explained how each queen would be based upon a snowflake hidden in the snow and that they only had two days to create their frozen masterpiece.

Before the design phase though a spirited snowball fight was in order and Keaghlan Ashely almost lost her trousers after an attack. One contestant who did not want to get involved with the cold wet stuff was Gage Hubbard who made threats if any snowball came in contact with him.

After the over exuberant battle the design work began with each team coming up with a cross section of creations that included, dark, evil and one vision “under ice.”

It was then time to shift into the sculpting phase. Ben and Evan have issues as it seems that each team member is sculpting to a different design. Ben is worried. This “disconnect” has caused both men to question their approach.

Michael Westmore comes in and dispenses advice. Telling one team beware of using too much ice cracking for fear of making the model look like a jigsaw puzzle. Michael tells another team to leave out the teeth and yet another to be careful of the weight of their cowl.

The teams move on to the molding phase. Gage and Rachael opt for a lighted icicles feature. Niko and Cat have their work cut out for them as they both are not overly skilled in fabrication. And Emily admits that she has never seen “The Breakfast Club” much to the amusement of her fellow All Stars. This prompts everyone to try and find out just how many “iconic” films she has not seen.

She finally snaps, “No. Shut up,”  when asked about “The Lost Boys.”

Face Off - Season 11
Emily Serpico

One new technique used a lot in this challenge was the vacu-form process.  This went toward making icicles and a snow queen scepter. Logan and Adam have a molding crisis when their cowl cracks in the back. Despite the chance of leakage, the two opt for silicone for that translucent look.

Cat realizes that the quick turnaround time of the challenge is making her start to second guess her decisions.

On application day the models arrive and Keaghlan is pleased with the work that she and Melissa have done so far. Stig and Evan have to work overtime to get the paint sorted before applying that translucent silicone face piece.

Ben is still worried about their creation though and when the time has ended for application Evan is concerned that they have not done any of the required makeup. This means that their work in last looks will be intensified.

At the end, Niko is worried that their creation may not work as well as he and Cat anticipated.

Face Off - Season 11
Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page

After the judges had a closer look at the creations Logan and Adam, Keaghlan and Melissa, Cat and Niko and Emily and Tyler were the best and the worst this week. Everyone else went backstage as the four teams were questioned by the judges.

All three judges loved what Adam and Logan did with there creation and the stencil effects. Cat and Niko did not fare well at all in their cross examination while Emily and Tyler blew the judges away with their design and its execution.

Keaghlan and Melissa’s creation sent mixed signals to the judges who felt it looked too masculine. The judges then went on to discuss their findings. Clearly Adam and Logan as fell as Emily and Tyler were neck and neck favorites.

At the end of the debate, Emily and Tyler were the clear winners with a makeup and design that reached heights of the sublime. As Ve Neill said earlier the creation could have walked right on to a film set.

Sadly, Cat and Niko let the side down with their “uninspired” choice of using the Statue of Liberty as their template. Although Glenn mentioned that their work is usually much better this time around their decision got them sent home.

Emily and Tyler now have immunity for the next challenge.

Face Off - Season 11
McKenzie Westmore

Face Off: All Stars airs Tuesdays on SyFy.






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