Son of Zorn: The Quest for Craig – Road Trip (Review)


Son of Zorn “The Quest for Craig” picks up where last week’s episode ended. Linda, Edie and Zorn decide to search for Craig. The Zephyrian hero is now, apparently, living with Linda and Edie appears to still have some feelings for Zorn. Meanwhile, Alangulon shows of his Zephyrian legs and becomes instantly popular, sort of like “Teen Wolf” without the hair and fangs.

Alan shows off remarkable sports skills with those legs and is recruited by the school’s football coach. Layla is somewhat bemused by all this and later, when Alan gets a bit too carried away with his newfound popularity, leaves her new boyfriend.

On the road trip, Edie and Zorn re-live some old times, some of which does not go over well with Linda. In the car it is clear that there is still some chemistry between the two. They share memories and even work together to get Linda out of a “rolling stop” violation.

Zorn pulls out his Zorn road trip mix tape while he and Edie talk about old experiences. “No one runs faster than a naked Edie,” Zorn boasts and Linda seems less than pleased at his and Edie’s memories.

Later, when they have to share a hotel room with one bed, things fall apart. Zorn goes to get a roll-a-way bed and Linda asks if Edie still has feelings for her ex. She hesitates that bit too long and Linda leaves.

Zorn returns to find Linda gone and he and Edie have a talk.

Meanwhile, Craig has been staying with his brother Robert and his wife Diana.  We learn that Craig has always been about other people’s happiness. He even left Diana, who was his girlfriend, when Robert asked her to dance.

Diana brings up this character flaw after Robert has fleeced Craig out of $10 thousand. Realizing that his sister-in-law is right, Craig leaves to get Edie back. He finds the two of them in the hotel room in the middle of a hug.

He demands Edie return and she does. Zorn is pleased at the turn of events even though Linda has left him. Later, at Alan’s first football game, Linda turns up, Edie pleaded Zorn’s case and she has returned.

Zorn gives her a pair of cursed earrings and Alan’s first punt as a team member puts another player in the hospital.

This penultimate episode managed to set things up nicely for the upcoming season finale and the next season, if the network Gods give the show the go ahead. Craig and Edie are now past their “Zorn obstacle,” Linda and Zorn are now an item and all that remains is for Alan to patch things up with Layla.

Son of Zorn has managed to allow its characters to have some satisfactory arcs. Zorn has become less Zephyrian, Craig more demanding, Alan less nebbish and Edie more interesting as more of her Zorn backstory is tantalizingly revealed in each episode.

This mix of animation and live action is proving to be very entertaining. The show is dropping in popularity although it has averaged 3.127 million viewers throughout its first season. It suffered significant drops in numbers over the last two Sundays. The latest drop, of over 30 percent, was no doubt caused by it going up against the Grammys.

Son of Zorn airs Sundays on FOX. Tune in for the season finale next week.


Guest starring Pete Gardner as football coach, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Robert and Tymberlee Hill as Diana

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