The Path: The Red Wall – They’re Listening (Review)

Aaron Paul in The Path

The big climatic points in this episode of The Path “The Red Wall” had to do with Sarah pretty much selling her soul to get the needed funds to help the people of Clark and Eddie finally admitting that he was part of a cult.  Amazingly, Cal moves back a step to normal, but that is only after a check comes in to take the pressure off.

The sting operation fails because, as Abe points out, Lisa Jackson (their ace in the hole) was not properly vetted. Despite the Meyerist’s claiming to be all good and promoting a blameless life in the “light” they tape all the “unburdening” sessions.

Turns out that Lisa joined the cult, way back when, after killing a kid in a hit and run accident that she never reported. Rather than help the Feds to bust Cal, and Sarah, she folds when Lane starts to play the incriminating tape. Lisa passes on a note, “They’re listening.” This stops Sarah’s act of blackmail cold and ends the short meeting.

As a result the movement does not get that badly needed  tax exempt status and Cal now knows that they have an outsider in the organization. This will place Abe in jeopardy and could result in more unraveling of the group’s hierarchy.

Eddie’s arc continues to be the most interesting, followed closely by Mary’s and Sarah’s. For someone who realized, belatedly, that “there is no light” while still having visions of Steve and the late leader’s realization that Cal was the wrong choice to lead in his absence, Eddie is still one of the best members of the group in terms of guidance.

When Sean comes to see him, after the revelation from Mary that the child she is carrying is most likely not his, Eddie calms the distraught young man and helps him to return to his wife and profess his love for her and the unborn child.

Mary is still torn, presumably, between her infatuation with Cal and her new “love” for Sean. She is, self-admittedly, a damaged person who hurts those around her. Her struggle, however, has now become Sean’s as well but it may just be a matter of time before she succumbs to Cal’s pull again.

Sarah, without Eddie in her life, is taking a darker path. Cal Robert’s opening up and showing her Silas’ body has affected her deeply and she is reacting accordingly. She still loves Eddie but her place and fractured belief in the movement is tearing her apart.

In the meantime, Hawk is getting ever deeper into the spiritual side of the movement although he is not spending as much time with Cal as before. The boy is still, however, fascinated and attracted to the older woman in his life, Noa.

As this season plays out, it looks like Eddie may be the only one to come through in one piece while his family, the movement and Cal may fall completely apart. The big concern is for Abe as he looks to be dangerously close to losing whatever momentum he gained by going undercover.

The Path airs Wednesdays on Hulu.


Guest starring Megan Byrne as Lisa Jackson

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