The Mick: The Snitch – Butt Toothpaste (Recap/Review)


The Mick “The Snitch” manages to once again push the boundaries of good taste and question whether being turned into butt toothpaste is proper punishment for tattling on your teammates. The photo of a naked girl, that has the face blanked out, is sent to the Lacrosse team. Chip is overwhelmed by the nude picture and gets caught by the principal.

The boy’s punishment will be meted out after Chip faces an “honor board” run by his fellow students. It is chaired by the school traitor, who is also Chip’s  sister, Sabrina.

Mickey tells the middle child that snitching just is not done. She mentions Brendan Carthas, a guy who snitched and wound up being turned into butt toothpaste.  (He was put into a garbage truck and mushed to death.

Alba rushes Ben out of the room and Mickey promises to help Chip out. Meanwhile, Alba is in trouble for wrecking, or damaging, the family cars. She refuses to drive the minivan, something she says is for pedophiles.

By the end of The Mick Alba forces Ben to torch the Rolls and Chip actually rats his two teammates out. Sabrina also puts her two cents worth into the equation.

The funniest bits about the episode were not Mickey’s impromptu defense of Chip. (She watched movies in order to prep for the hearing.) They had to do with Chip’s reaction to the unicorn tattooed naked girl on his phone.

After having a wet dream that Sabrina witnesses the aftermath of, he learns, at the honor board that “unicorn girl” is his sister. He rushes to the nearest rubbish bin and throws up.

Sabrina realizes that she was the subject of his wet dream and starts gagging. Both of them dob in the boys who sent the picture to the team. At the end of the show when Chip comes to dinner, both he and Sabrina act strangely.

Mickey notices and remarks, “There is a weird energy…” at the table. This was brilliantly funny, as was Alba’s attitude about driving the family cars. She forces Ben to torch the rolls to hide that it was keyed by an irate motorist whom she cuts off.

(The scene at the table where Mickey describes in graphic detail the demise of Brendan Carthas in the garbage truck was also a bit of comic gold. Alba rushing to remove young Ben from the topic of butt toothpaste was funny.)

Later, Alba “tortures” Ben into telling her who keyed the Rolls. She holds back the kid’s inhaler until he agrees to tell her. After all the trouble Alba goes to the Ben’s description never gets past, “A man…with a face…”

Once more, The Mick offers up politically incorrect humor that is so wrong that it is right. Jimenez and Stanton are the double-act to die for and this week major kudos go to Barbusca and Black-D’Elia. Their brother/sister act was spot on and their mutual horror at the reveal was priceless.

Mickey’s “boyfriend” has gone AWOL and he is missed but, surprisingly, is not essential to the mix here. Still, it would be nice to see MacArthur return.

The Mick airs Tuesdays on FOX.


Guest starring Wayne Wilderson as Principal Gibbons, Kevin Csolak as Stewart, JT Neal as Pierce and Kai Scott as Andrew.

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