Timeless: The Lost Generation – Wyatt (Review)

 Timeless - Season 1

Fans of Matt Lanter, aka Wyatt Logan, will be glad to see that as part of the long term and somewhat peripheral storyline that the square-jawed Special Ops soldier has recovered from last week’s upsetting tale.  In the Timeless verse Jessica may still be dead but Logan pulls himself together enough to not only escape, but he informs Lucy and Agent Christopher that Rittenhouse have staged a coup right under their noses.

This was a fun episode. “The Lost Generation” heads on out to 1927 Paris, France where Flynn steps in to keep Charles Lindberg from landing in the city. After shooting down the Spirit of St. Louis in a field out in the countryside, Flynn takes the pilot hostage.

Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt’s replacement David, move in to find the missing pilot. In Paris they run into, and enlist the help of, Ernest Hemingway and Josephine Baker.  They find Lindberg but their new soldier, who paid too much attention to rules and was overly excited to be in 1927 Paris, dies, shot dead by Flynn’s henchman.

Meanwhile back in the present, Rittenhouse have moved to replace Agent Christopher and her people in overseeing Connor Mason’s program. She is removed and has her visitor’s pass taken away.

Agent Neville

Lucy’s father shows up and reveals to Connor that Lucy will be on their side soon. Later in the episode, Lucy’s mother gives her that journal, the dog-eared book that Flynn carries.

It is interesting to note that Rittenhouse Agent, aka Lucy’s dad, knows about Amy, the daughter and sibling never born after the pilot episode changed the Hindenburg’s history.

One minor complaint with this episode of Timeless is the depiction of Hemingway as less gregarious and more flippant. It was, however, spot on with the casting of Tiffany Daniels as the beautiful and talented Josephine Baker.

The real Baker was gorgeous and, as mentioned in this episode, a war hero in WWII when she worked as a spy for the allies. In terms of “name dropping” (if it can be called that) the inclusion of the Fitzgerald’s – F. Scott and his wife Zelda – was also spot on.

“The Lost Generation” was interesting as it seems to be carrying on a theme of fate that will not be changed despite the mechanizations of Flynn or our intrepid trio.

Wyatt escapes and looks set to rejoin his team and it seems that Agent Christopher may well get back inside Mason’s company.

Sakina Jaffrey is listed on all 15 episodes in Timeless. This means that not only is her character still in the show, despite being displaced by the Rittenhouse takeover, but is also means that “The Lost Generation” is the penultimate episode of season one.

So far the show has been entertaining and had fun with history. Timeless airs Mondays on NBC. Tune in and see how the first season ends.


Guest starring  Brandon Brash  as Ernest Hemingway, Tiffany Daniels as Josephine Baker, Jesse Luken as Charles Lindberg,  Victor Zinck Jr. as David Baumgardner,  Jim Beaver as Agent Neville and John Getz as Rittenhouse Agent, aka Lucy’s father.

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