Rosewood: White Matter and the Ways Back – Reboot (Review)


Rosewood has, over the last two episodes, cast serious doubts as to the overall health of our hero.  The previous segment had Rosie putting Mitchie out in the field and Donna investing in Magic City Lab. In “White Matter & the Ways Back” there are some teething pains with mum’s involvement in the day-to-day running of the lab and there is a locked lift (elevator) murder mystery to solve.

Once again, the murderer was almost too easy to pick out. As previous episodes in this season it seemed pretty obvious from the very start that it was the automated concierge who killed Bobby Huff.  There was the usual questioning of suspects and some interesting backstory involved while Rosie and Villa did their bit to find the killer.

The victim, one Bobby Huff, was the son of a producer who had a 1980’s hit with a kid’s show called “The Ways Back.” This plot seems like a nod to Full House or Boy Meets World.  The dead man was best friends with the star of the show and Micah Holmes. Micah and the rest of Bobby’s friends are suspects.

Huff lives alone in a huge apartment complex managed by Chuck Furwell. The man is murdered in an elevator. It is a classic “locked door” scenario. Later they learn that Furwell has his mistress in another apartment in the “empty” building and that she or Chuck could have killed Huff.

As the investigations continue, they realize that Bobby was not struck in the back of the head after all. He died when the elevator dropped suddenly slamming his head into the ceiling. By the end of the episode, Rosie figures out that Furwell’s assistant killed Huff because he caught her stealing things from his apartment.

Meanwhile, Ira has been acting all “Rosie-fied” and it is bothering everyone except Rosie. Villa and Slade are worried about this new leaf that Hornstock has turned over. He is all smiles, vegan food and philosophical bon mots.

After the case is solved Rosie learns that Ira found out about his health issues. (Rosie is, it seems, now on dialysis.) Hornstock offers to have Rosewood’s back if and when he needs it.

They carry on this conversation in Magic City Lab and Donna, who was standing under the stairwell, hears it all.

It seems that this season is all about Rosie’s health issues after the Tawny “meltdown” where he tried to drink Miami dry.  Clearly this is a storyline that will be here for a while longer as the teaser to the next episode shows the con artist reappearing in Rosie’s life.

Missing from this episode were TMI and Ira’s new lady, Daisie. Gerald, after getting a mention from Donna last week has also gone MIA. These episodes are all about the deteriorating health issues of Dr. Rosewood Jr.

This is beginning to look like a way out for the show. With Rosewood ailing, if the viewing figures continue to drop, the series could bow out with having Rosie expire from his Tawnya binge.

The series moving from Thursdays to Fridays has not made too much of a difference either way, figures are still down, and while this may seem a little drastic, killing Chestnut’s character off may be the path of least resistance.

Rosewood airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in and see what you think. Has the show lost a lot between seasons?


Guest starring Patrick Fischer as Chuck Furwell, Justin Bruening as Micah Holmes, Derek Mio as Rick Wu, Matt Doherty as Alan Rast, Dan Mast as Bobby Huff and Stacie Theon as Claudine. 

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